Perfect Example of the Millions Heading Our Way

Bwaaaa! Where’s my free money! I don’t wanna work!

Frickin’ parasite.

18 thoughts on “Perfect Example of the Millions Heading Our Way

  1. Ohh,Lookie! A peek behind the curtain. I’ve been wondering how people survived the journey. Where does the application form come from? Who is advertising the cards being available? Who is actually paying? I know, I know, dumb question, right?

  2. I’m unable to envision a group of people just organically coming together and contacting an organization that will provide them with money and phones and everything else we see these poverty stricken, yet often obese,,people. I think someone is advertising in certain areas and telling people where to go to join up with a bunch of people who also want to go to America. Someone is paying to advertise to bring people together to invade America and they are paying to make the journey survivable for them.
    Unless someone can explain another way for this to be happening, I’m stuck on that.

      • I understand who’s loading and providing the cards. My question is WHY? And on what authority? And Who is advertising to bring the people together to make the journey? Who is paying for that And on what authority? If I advertised for a team of thieves and offered to provide for their transportation and access to the site to take down, I would be working to accomplish something illegal. And bringing together people and providing for them to see them illegally invade America is just as much of a crime. If I was a journalist I would Go to one of the places where the immigrants are originating and look for the mechanism that is being used to get these groups together.

      • As I understand it, the United Nations is pushing for a “global government”…Oversimplifying, the want the entire planet under one socialist regime; eventually.
        the way to accomplish this, is to import 3rd world citizens into the US. This also tips the balance of US citizens to becoming democrats, thus supporting their weak assed minded thought process on sharing our wealth with the world.
        George Soros too, is behind a lot of the northward migration of illegal immigrants, as he too, supports the socialist style of government..
        You and I both know that socialism is a feeble attempt at creating an “all is equal society”…unfortunately, it never has ended up like that, as their is always a ruling elite class over the minions, and they are hoping to become members of the ruling class.
        Many say that socialism is a step away from Communism, which we know does not work either.
        Socialists are too blind to see the truth past their own ambitions.

      • I thought a few years back there was a controversy about some of the prominent democrats funding some sort of campaign to provide food, money, and transportation to these villainous vermin from south of the border. I know the mescan government provided pamphlets on how to get here.

      • I thought as well, and in addition Soros somehow was contributing to the mob migrations northward…how in hell did they get their “Biden Let Us In” T-Shirts and cell phones…on the other hand, I also read that few females escape being raped on the trip…the media doesn’t talk about that, do they?

    • I read a report years ago during the Clinton Admin. that newspapers in Latin America were running stories about who to contact to get funding, transport and food to get to the USA.

  3. I have been saying for years the old saw, When times are really tough, your skin color will be your uniform… enemy combatant. I see them, men, women, children as enemy combatants. A very hard heart is going to be required, but necessary. We live here, are from here, they are not.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. The non-white population percentages that exist today are going to be drastically reduced, except maybe Asians. There’s also going to be a great culling of their white sympathizers in academia, the MSM and social media because that’s where the real problem lies. I’ve got no problem with people coming here through legitimate immigration. The illegal invaders are going to be sorry they came and stayed.

  4. One thing the Germans got right when building coastal defenses in France: they had plenty of machine gun pits manned with marksmen and plenty of ammunition to keep the invaders out. Might even work when there is a river to protect.

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