It must be slow time for news, Federal Bureau of Embarrassment, and other law enforcement entities, as they keep milking this story on the two bit raghead that took over (ever so briefly) the synagogue in Colleyville Texas.

The FBI broke their arms patting themselves on the back for “rescuing” the hostages, when in fact, the rabbi was the one that pretty much saved them from the sharp tongued, almost harmless terrorist.

He shoulda been vetted before entering the country; not afterwards. The Feds screwed up…again.


Holy crap…find something else to do besides milking the dead story.

That horse is dead, man.

Today’s journalism is a joke.

8 thoughts on “ENOUGH!

  1. Just wait for something to happen to Nancy’s kid, or Joe’s kid, or Hillary’s kid-then watch the eff-bee-eye spring into action and break the case in a New York minute.

  2. It’s easier to report theories than to point how the last federal election was obviously stolen, and the failed politician they placed in office would be in a nursing home if he wasn’t President.

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