Kinda What I’ve Been Sayin’

It don’t matter how much the conservatives squawk about the illegitimate actions of the greedy, corrupt, power hungry Congressional Democrats.

If they can rig the elections, it don’t matter what we say.

It’s time to DO. There is still time.

8 thoughts on “Kinda What I’ve Been Sayin’

  1. joe biden said it the other day. doesn’t matter who votes, all that matters is who counts the votes. time to “re-educate” the vote counters.

  2. yeah but even they know they can’t cheat enough to win this time. that said, its up to states and people in those states to clean up the elections. i for one have noticed that in my 90% white county all the election officials are black. not saying its a race thing but it looks weird and frankly they act a little strange when we step up to vote. my cop senses say something is amiss. va used mostly those dominion voting machines. it doesn’t say who i voted for, only that it counted one vote. i still find it hard to believe va voted for biden by 10%. never saw a biden sign and still see trump signs.

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