Bears Repeating

In case you did not know, Paypal has announced they will be reporting transactions over $650 to the IRS.

Images from Woodsterman

Why is no no one investigating any and all millionaires in Congress?

Wait; I got this one…because the millionaires are the ones that do the investigating!!

8 thoughts on “Bears Repeating

  1. And this is how you get around it.

    Have something for $2,000.00. 4 segments at $500.00 each. Buy one segment a day.

    It is basically how ‘Pro-Am’ tournaments, like golf and bowling, handle prizes. Total prizes equal $10,000.00, broken down into little $450-$499 ‘prizes.’ Just the top winner wins 15 of the prizes.

    Stupid rules. There are always ways around it.

    Like selling booze at a fair or bazaar. Need a liquor license to sell booze or beer. But if you sell ‘custom tokens’ and then exchange the tokens for booze or beer…

    • A few years ago I went to the bank to withdraw some cash. It was several K$. The teller said to me “Why do you need this much cash?” I answered with “Whose money is this yours or mine? Would you tell someone you don’t know what you’re going to use this money for, because this is my money and what I do with it is none of your damn business. Now either give the cash I asked for from MY account or you can explain to the manger why you’re giving me a hard time about withdrawing MY OWN MONEY.”

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