I Got Nuthin’

I slept in, deciding that the warmest place in the house was in fact, in bed. I got up to pee several times, and took my 9 am meds, and back until Mr Bladder woke me up again.

I was up at 6:30 to heat up the kids taco, but it was still there when I finally got up, so I trashed it. Likely, she was late (again) and raced through the yard and out the gate. I made tacos ahead of time, and pop them in the toaster oven to reheat in hopes that when she stops by the main house on her way to work, the taco is hot enough for her to eat on the go.

She did not take any of the cabbage rolls either for lunch.

I can hardly wait to hear what her excuse is this time.

In sleeping in, I did not nap, and have been suffering through making cauliflower rice. It’s my first attempt, and it failed miserably. I guess I did not cook the cauliflower long enough for it to get soft enough to run through the ricer, so I made a small cauliflower casserole with cream cheese, mayo, cheddar, sour cream, and the whole head of cauliflower, which was partially roasted, then chopped finer.

We’ll see.

Damned Keto is getting really tiresome.

I have noticed that my blood sugar is much lower when I do not put a splash of diet Pepsi in my Crowns in the evening…now it’ll be a splash of water, and my BS are running 115 pretty consistently.

I piddled away a bunch of time sorting pennies. huh?

Yep, I heard somewhere that 1982 and earlier pennies were solid copper. After that, they went mostly zinc…so I separated all I had; several pounds. I ended up with a mostly full pint jar of 1982 and earlier pennies.

A nickel used to contain five cents worth of nickel, but now the nickel content exceeds 5 cents worth. I have a stash of a few of those too, but not like some idiots who filled ammo cans with rolls of nickels, and stacked them inside the walls in their homes…geez. And folks thought I was weird.

Such was all I retained from reading Rawles’ website. I did like his book “Patriots” which came out in 2010, I think. Those of you ‘preppers’ who have not read it, I strongly suggest you do so.

I had an issue with him on a post, and have subsequently stopped reading his site now for several years.

There’s plenty of junk silver out there, and I suggest you get a couple pounds…just in case. Pre 1964 coins contain 90% silver, for the most part; except nickels and pennies.

Ebay has lots of sources for junk silver. A troy pound will run you around $450; more or less. A troy pound is 12 standard ounces I believe. It also depends on what denominations you buy. Dimes and quarters, with a few half dollars sprinkled in will give you a little buying power when SHTF.



9 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’

  1. In my preps I thought about getting some silver coins, but decided against it. I am going with tangibles. I may live to regret that, hope not. If shtf, the first week or so paper money should still be good, after that I would prefer canned goods.

    • Once I figured I had a nice deep larder, I looked for other ways to prepare, and junk silver was one that I could ease into slowly; a little at a time, and still have it maintain or increase in value.

  2. It is easier to buy riced cauliflower in the frozen section. There is only so much of it that can be tolerated in a diet. About once a month is all I can stand. I will do the zucchini spaghetti at least once a week. Heavy garlic in the marinara.

    Diet sodas do not work with me either. I do have a Soda Stream and I will carbonate infused water to replace soda. I have developed a taste for Key Lime Juice limeade with seltzer water with no artificial sweetener.

    When I was a teen I would go to the bank and get a roll of 50 cent pieces where I would go around the corner to the library where I would go through the roll looking for silver coins. I would repeat the process with quarters and dimes. I did this weekly for about 7 years. What made it a little easier was my dad owning a company that provided juke boxes, pool tables, pinball machines, and video games to businesses from 1977 to 1981 when he sold it. We would collect all of the coins and pay the business half of what we collected. I would go through the coins pulling all of the silver coins. I have about 40 Mason jars of silver coins in the bottom of my safe. I have also bought an ounce or ten when the price was less than $14 an ounce. I am waiting for $35 an ounce to cash in for a down payment on a F350.

  3. I too stopped reading Survival Blog for the most part. It seems Rawles heart is just not in it. Also too much emphases on the writing contest and the prizes. The writing isn’t top notch as it use to be. I look at every once in awhile, but not an everyday read. Strange they shut off comments like they did.

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