2 thoughts on “I Laughed Out Loud At This

  1. I wholeheartedly support this grassroots display of freedom.
    Now, just to be a devils advocate…..what will transpire from all of this? I saw a video of a trucker that stated he had weeks worth of food in his truck; and he was intent on sitting right there in front of their capital building. But, what happens? Who is going to “receive” these folks and their complaints? Who is going to negotiate with them? Who is going to see that their complaints are promulgated and codified?
    Yes, yes, I’m being a debby downer…..But I haven’t heard or seen ANY of the Canadian political machine bosses doing anything.
    So once again; what will become of this display?

    • We can only hope the Socialist regime may back down on the vax mandates against truckers…on both sides of the border.
      Just wait until the grocery store shelves are continuously empty…Socialists gotta eat too.
      ya, yessir, you betcha….

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