It Never Ends…

So, the a/c went out again on…lemme see…was it Tuesday?

Shoulda, coulda, woulda were popular terms for canceling the service call. No doubt, that profession is very busy these days. He has rescheduled for today, but have not heard as of yet (10:45 am).

And also…another miracle…the a/c came back on this morning..I am not kidding. This time, I’m keeping my mouth shut until he shows.

In other news…

The kid announced that a buddy of hers is giving away 6 chickens…with a small coop. They are a couple years old but still laying..dunno what she’s gonna do about that. Still need to work on the gate, but I am hell bent to have her assist me with the arduous task of gate installation.

I planted a bunch of Blue Lake pole beans, some slenderette bush beans, and some other bush beans, and I ran a strip using all of the pickle seeds…this was all after I did some serious weeding in garden #3. I put 2 seeds in each hole about 6 inches apart. If they do come up, I will thin them out.

The wife came home yesterday with 6 jalapeño plants; that oughta be enough. I do like my pickled jalapeños in escabeche.

I swear the onions grow an inch taller overnight. One of the tomato plants has blooms, but I’m  gonna pull them off as the plant is still very small. Save its energy for leaf production instead of tomatoes for the time being.

I still have gardens #2 and #1 for some weeding before planting the okra. They will be the most difficult…great.

I am seriously considering getting the Mantis tiller up and running. I figured what the hell; this late might as well stir up the weed seeds to loosen the soil for the carrots going in…2-3 years of lying dormant kind of compacted the soil, and I have been adding water to the soil to loosen it some.

Some of the irrigation drip lines are in need of replacement. I still have some left on my spool, but am lookin at getting another 500’…man, they do not give that stuff away. I did find some in Ebay: 15 mil thick, 12″ spacing, 1000ft for $131…best price I have found.

My new sprayer came in, and I mixed up a batch of the soil sterilant, and hit the birdbath circle with it yesterday, the rest of the batch I sprayed into the garden aisles until it was gone. I have enough for 3 more tanks as needed. Next will be shingles in the aisles…remember, it’s only me out there..I can do everything, but not all at once..

I did get out and mow the nice green weed patch, and then did some mowing down by the bunkhouse; enough to get some green clippings for the compost bin. Of course, the mower did not start, so had to put it on the charger for about an hour, after which it started and ran fine…one of these days I’m gonna install that extension tube into the oil drain to ease changing the oil in that beast…one of these days.

I’ve read that I can add yeast to the compost to hasten the process, and will do that when I add the additional kitchen scraps the wife saved for me as she cleaned out the fridge.

My  compost bin is made from a 55 gallon water barrel. I think I paid $75 for it a few years ago. I had big plans for it, and bought a sawzall to cut the hole in the barrel. The hard part was getting hinges and some type of closing mechanism, which only works half assed; but it works. I had some angled metal strips that I attached inside the barrel around about at 90° intervals. A few holes drilled here and there also, and I painted it black. The door I cut out has warped badly, but still functions, and does not leak out much when tumbled.

The frame was totally off the cuff, and is not pretty, nor is it sturdy, but it does the job. I have been tumbling the composter every day since I started it about a week ago. The angled metal helps keep stuff from sticking to the sides, and aids in the tumbling process. Shovels of dirt from the garden are necessary to jump start the microbe process as well.

As I write this, I am basking in the air conditioning while it lasts. I think I’m gonna turn down the thermostat another degree…because I can.

8 thoughts on “It Never Ends…

      • I throw my kitchen scraps to the chickens first. Whatever they don’t like goes into the compost heap… with the chicken shit… I’d rather the scraps generate eggs than dirt!

        A little horse manure will throw the compost bin into overdrive!

        I have one of those “tumbler” compost drums. It sits on a cradle with rollers on it. Rolling that thing must be easier in China. I gave up on that. I had bought an auger bit off Amazon to drill into gopher tunnels with a battery-op drill:

        I ended up finding that it also did a GREAT job of stirring the compost in that drum, as well as in another “pyramid” composter with an equally inadequate agitator. I haven’t tried to roll that drum since! It doesn’t seem to bother the plastic any either.

        I love and hate my Mantis tiller! It works GREAT… when it works… I honestly have never come across a more cantankerous 2-cycle engine in my LIFE! Even after replacing the carb, the plugs, the fuel lines, and the air/fuel filters, that thing runs when IT wants to! I’m still nursing two raw patches between my fingers from pull-starting that thing last week! Once I got it going it ran great. Getting it there took about 20 minutes!

      • Here’s hoping my Mantis doesn’t give me a lot of trouble. I do recall having some issues with starting it, as it doesn’t stand by itself, so one has to hold the Mantis while pulling the starter…yeah, it’s coming back to me now.
        That auger is a very cool idea for planting.
        The compost tumbler seems to work OK for me for now, as there is not a lot of stuff in it, but I can see how it can/will get heavier with more additions of biodegradeables.

  1. Quite a few years ago I bought a used Honda tiller at Home Depot-they had a couple on the shelf and the one I took cost only $100. I think they were customer returns and not used/abused stuff from the rental department. Wouldn’t hurt asking your HD if they ever sell barely used tillers at a good discount.

    Did ‘ya ever have the Lady of the House return home after you have put in a long, long day doing thousands of tasks and first thing out of her mouth is “Well, what did you do today”?

    • Every day man, every day I get asked that question.
      I bought that Mantis to replace another Mantis that had a drive clutch that slipped bad, but the engine ran fine, so I have spare parts available.

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