More Garden Work Today

This will likely be a daily post from now until the harvest is over.

I planted the six jalapeno plants in #3, and the watermelon and squash plants in #4.

The bush beans are coming up nicely, and about 8 pickle pants have sprouted, as well as now about a dozen pole bean plants have pushed through, now about 2 inches high.

Still nothing from the Slenderette bean variety, so may just leave that row alone. I am unclear as what kind of volume of beans I can expect from what’s already there.

I also planted some Emerald okra after soaking them in peroxide for about 15 minutes…many more to go yet.

Garden #5 is a mess yet. The danged weeds are worse there than all the rest. I am not looking forward to prepping that one.

Onions are looking very good, as are the tomatoes in #1. The San Marzano finally perked up after the transplant shock.

2, 3, and 4 are all being irrigated today, and likely will require a daily shot. #1 (tomatoes) I water them manually as in the 25 ft garden, there are 5 plants, and lots of between space, so I do not irrigate them. Oddly enough, that garden had the burst pipe that I sweated over getting fixed, and I don’t use it…Still, they all have to be water tight before the supply is turned on to the lot of them.

I did some mowing yesterday, after having to jump start the mower (again). I’ll probably need a new battery for it…for now, I left the charger on it…and an oil change…and a new air filter…and the oil changing tube gizmo…I had to double check the model # of the mower to get a part number for the air filter, then cross it to a Briggs #, and found a 3-pack for $16..on the way. Another site wanted $22…each.

Now waiting for my next opportunity to head to the big city and get did not work as the wife is out running some personal errands. Tomorrow would work, as long as I am back by 2 pm…shouldn’t be a problem…

Damned inflation is really taking a bite out of our cash flow.

The a/c is still working fine after Jimmy used the vac on the line and drained some water. It may require more vacuuming, but for now, looks like that is the problem. I’ll have to rig a better gasket than a chunk of cardboard.

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