At Least My Intentions Were Good

I planned to get the Mantis tiller up and running so I could till garden #5 before planting the rest of the watermelons and okra. I got my tailgate dropped down to put the tiller on to work on it. The tank was dry, so I added some premixed 50:1 non ethanol gasoline, to find that the primer line was cracked and leaking, as was the fuel line…I found a carb on Ebay for $11 with a kit…likely I’ll go with that. I don’t have extra fuel line as there are several sizes and types of material.

I then decided to install the oil changing tube extender on the riding mower, finding out that I again had to kick up the battery before it started, even though I had it on trickle charge for over a day. I also discovered that I only had one wrench that fit the oil plug drain; American. I guess I could have pushed the mower onto the slanted drive so to keep the oil from rushing out as I changed the plug…So that’s on the back burner…again. Damned lawn mower battery cost $85 last time I bought one…that’ll have to wait to get replaced.

Foiled again, but not out.

Over at the garden, I pulled some weeds while I watered the tomatoes.

Pickle plants


Front to back

Black Diamond melon

Crimson sweet melon

Straight neck yellow squash


Beans: pole on the right, bush on the left

I ordered the Mantis carb/kit; it should be here fast as it ships from Humble TX.

Expecting a couple of boxes from Sam’s today via FedEx as well.

Still need to change the oil in the pickup too, getting to try out the floor jack and jack stands for that. Hopefully, the oil filter that’s been out there for years, is still OK.

Things are looking up.

6 thoughts on “At Least My Intentions Were Good

  1. Keep a Battery Tender on your batteries. My last WallyWorld battery lasted 6 years in the JD riding lawnmower. The one in the motorcycle is 4 years old and the previous one lasted 8 years.

    Good looking garden. How long do the RR ties last for the raised beds?

    • Those are the original ties; at least 30 years now, and they were used when purchased. They have several spots now where the wood has rotted through, and soil leaks from the bed into the aisles.

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