And The Rains Came

After looking at the 10 day forecast in dismay, seeing no rain on the way, we were surprised last night to get a thunderstorm that dumped rain and hail on us…praise be, praise be…

I mean, what’s the point of a forecast, if they are usually wrong? especially concerning rain.

I went out yesterday to finish the chicken coop gate, which I did. I screwed down some 2×4 cut to fit on the posts, to fill the gaps between the gate and posts.

My next plan was to install the oil changing gizmo on the lawn mower. Again, the sombitch would not start, and by that I mean it was totally dead, and it was on the charger for a day or so.

So, I pushed it onto the drive behind the truck (slight incline) so the oil would not run out when I removed the plug…I also drove pushed the right wheels onto a pair of 2×4 in hope to increase the angle to improve my chances of not having an oil spill on the drive…only a little came out as I made the transition from plug to extension tube.

I have not yet decided how to attack the mower repair besides replacing the battery. Another solenoid? hopefully not…I did wire brush the connections and terminals on the battery, but no help. damn…

I received my new air filters for the mower yesterday as well.

Today, since the current temp is 70°, I should be working on the mower. With the rain, comes the weed explosion…soon.

Tomorrow’s high will be around 79; why do today when I can put it off until tomorrow?

I see my new Mantis carb arrived in SA this morning, perhaps it will get delivered tomorrow, adding to my list of things to do.

With the rain, garden #5 will be ripe for tilling if I get that going, and I can finish my planting.

We have a tomcat problem, as when the neighbors across the street left, they left their giant orange tom, and he has attacked all the kittycats that the wife has now, most with cuts on their faces and paws. A huge cat fight outside the window the other night, has now forced the girls to put out a hit on Bruiser, the big orange tom. The kid’s cats have suffered too from attacks by this mad fuck.

The kid has two new feral kitties, no doubt Bruiser is their father; totally feral tiny kittycats that hiss when humans get close to them.

I am at DEFCON 2 at this point, waiting and watching for the orange fur ball to show up again. Buzzards gotta eat too.

I may just start carrying The Judge with me as I go out anywhere until the hit is complete. Unfortunately, it is not a long range pistol. I prefer a clip on holster, using a cross draw configuration from the left side.

Looks like carne guisada tonight; for me anyway. The girls don’t care for it, and that means more for me. One thing I do miss about the RGV is El Pato Mexican food…their breakfast tacos are to die for.

Oh yeah, the air conditioner is still working fine since the vacuum job on the drain line.

18 thoughts on “And The Rains Came

  1. I spent a few hours one hot-ass Saturday afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong with a riding lawnmower I used to own. Eventually, I started chasing wires, which required removing the seat. Low and behold, there was a small fuse block hidden away, with a 2 amp fuse.

    I didn’t have one, so I a trip to the shop was necessary. A brief conversation with the man behind the counter revealed such things happened more often than people would think. I couldn’t find what blew the fuse, and it never happened again.

  2. I’ve almost given up hope on El Pato. Back in the day, 3 carne guisada – bean tacos for $1.50 – so good ! Last time I ordered breakfast tacos in the Edinburg 107 location (Bean – Bacon), they were priced at $1.59 each and the amount of filling had gone down too. An insult – I was pissed !! I often purchased 4 of these at $1.39 each for two lunches, but now no where near large enough. I’ve since moved to Pollo Loco, the Pollo Bowl for $6.50 is pretty good, eaten with chips rather than tortilla. Very good salsa too.

  3. One of those Gamo break type .22 pellet guns is handy on the farm. And a live trap will make target shooting easier.

    Lawn maintenance. I think I’d rather have a goat. Down here, we are at 1.04″ for the year. Very little grass is growing. My sand box, however, is doing extremely well.

      • I have one of those Gamo break-action pellet guns. Those are good! I agree on the live-catch traps. A little cat food in the thing and you’re good to go. Trap the cat and plap it with the pellet gun.

      • That would be my plan, except that there are 8 other cats that belong to the homestead running around too. Likely, they would be caught first.

      • Also, on the goats; depending on the size of your plot, you might be ab le to find someone to let their goats loose on your land for free. The goats get fed, and your land gets cleared. One caution though; goats will eat EVERYTHING they can reach, and they’ll stand perfectly well on their hind legs to do that! There’s a guy in my town that picks up goats cheap from the local high school 4H. He then “sells” the goats to people who want to keep their land cleared, giving them the option to “sell” the goat back to the guy for what they paid for it later on. It’s more or less a free loan of the animal to the landowner, and free food for the seller.

  4. When I lived in Wichita Falls in the early 80’s the weather girl would always close out with “remember we are in Texas where the weather can do a full reversal in 20 minutes” or “if you don’t like the weather wait 20 minutes and it will change”.

    My first day there it was in the upper 80’s just before lunch and snowing mid afternoon.

    • Wichita Falls, gets some of the worst weather in the state; tornadoes, hard freezing rain, hotter ‘n hell summers, and biting cold winters. it’s almost a punishment to be stationed there.

      • I was strait out of Basic Training with the second longest technical school the Air Force had at Sheppard. I also had family that lived there. An older cousin that worked for Bendix and his wife that worked for Briggs and Stratton. I spent 7 months at Sheppard and then got to go back to Lackland for a 6 month follow on school. I stayed with my grandmother as the AF considered me a prior service student since I had completed one tech school. The school in SA was just like a 6am to 3 pm job as there was no homework and I had no additional duties outside of class. I had a good time in SA the first six months of 1984. I spent the remainder of my 6 year enlistment at MacDill in Tampa FL.

  5. Is your mower battery charger showing a full charge? If so, try to jump start the mower. If it will jump start, the battery’s probably gone. Those little batteries don’t last very long; a year or so, max. Putting a trickle charger on it helps some. Also, they aren’t deep-cycle, and don’t like to be drained flat. If the battery HAS been allowed to drain flat, it’s probably no good anymore. Even deep-cycle batteries don’t like to be drained all the way down.

    For shits and grins, if you have a volt/ohm meter, set it to ohms, remove the battery cables from the battery, and put the meter leads across the two cables with the ignition shut off. It should read “infinity;” the same as it read before touching the cables with the leads. If you DO get a reading, you HAVE a current path that will eventually drain the battery. These suck, as the only way to find the path is to start disconnecting things until the path goes away and the meter reads infinite resistance, and then follow the disconnected wire out to see where it’s finding ground. If you do this, don’t hold the battery cables in your hand while holding the leads to the cables. You’ll get a reading of the resistance through your body, especially if your hands are sweaty. Put the ends of the cables on a dry surface; not the ground, and check for resistance.

    If you wanna go cheap, dirty, and lazy, just go down to the auto parts store and get a battery switch. Put it in line with the negative cable and shut it off when you’re not using the mower. It’s TJ engineering, but it will isolate the battery when the mower’s idle.

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