Some Updates

I’ve been dealing with my doctor to get some prescriptions refilled. I have now been out of my Nifedipine since Monday, and I am watching my blood pressure climb upwards.

My wife has been going to a renown endocrinologist in Irving, Dr D for her thyroid condition. Dr D publishes books and does lectures on such, and she suggested to him that he talk to me about the diabetes, and he agreed. I have had several virtual/teleconference appts with him, and he began refilling all my prescriptions…worked out well..

All things must change, and he jumped ship and moved to another practice which, among other things, does not do conference call appointments, AND all my records stayed with the other place.

So, when it was time to refill, the pharmacy was unable to get him to refill, so it was left to me. After hemhawing around (one doesn’t just pick up the phone and call him or his nurse), the wife and used the patient portal on their new site to make requests for whatever.

The problem is, the new place (the moved last July) did not have a “chart” for me, so in the staff’s eyes, I had never seen him.

Blah blah blah blah…I got a message from the pharmacy that they had been in contact with Dr office, but my DOB was incorrect, throwing a huge monkey wrench into the smooth running machine.

Boy, that’ll make your BP rise all by itself.

I sent another message via the portal to the doc asking them to update my “chart” with the correct DOB…still waiting…


it has rained again since my last post, as a cool front passed through here yesterday, leaving much cooler temps; it was 53° this morning. The rain, even though welcomed, did not amount to much, but the gardens are coming along well.

Given the lower temps, I spent a lot of yesterday pulling weeds from said gardens, as the soil was very moist after the rain(s), and weeds came up easily; enough so that I worked on four gardens for weeds.

In other news, the local grocer had beef on sale…

Plus, they had a 10lb roll of 81% ground beef for $29…yep, I got one of each.

They had boneless ribeye roasts too, but those ran $150…hell, might as well get a tenderloin at that price.

So, after all that weeding, now must decide whether or not to plant a few rows of carrots in the newly cleaned garden.

#5 is still a weed wreck, and I haven’t touched it, as I was planning to till it up with the Mantis. I still haven’t addressed that problem as of yet. I figure I need my BP meds in me before tackling that one.

At least the mower now runs, and have no excuse not to mow. I was thinking beef enchiladas for tonight.


4 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. Lots of mostly good News from the Ranch-good on you. Can we expect the usually colorful Rant on Friday, or will that be next week? Plenty of “meat” from the bizzaro world this week to analyze.

    • Man, I haven’t even looked at the political spectrum this week.
      We’ll see how the time goes. without my BP meds, I hate to get worked up about the usual crap going on in the world.

      • it took them 10 days to fill my benazapril bp med. no meds, no truck, no staff. where is everybody at? sure there are people who need to work/don’t get free money? i need a job myself, maybe i should try pharmacy tech. maybe i’ll be able to fill my own script. funny thing tho. 4 cars in front of me. 1st one takes 13 minutes! next one ten and so on. me, it was 58 SECONDS. wth? what were those other folks doing?

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