About Public Radio

Out here in the boonies, I am limited to radio stations.

The San Antonio “Classic Rock” station, as they proclaim, plays mostly 80s rock, and even with that, their library only contains 300 or so songs. To be fair, they do play stuff from the 70s; over and over and over and over again…but for the most part, I do not partake, unless I am in the mood for Journey…and that never happens…or Queen, or Tom Petty, or The Eagles, or GNR, big hair bands…moving on…

So, we listen a lot to the local classical station out of SA; KPAC, a TPR supported institution. I use “institution” because they in no way act like a public station. Obviously, they get funding from the Feds somewhere, but however much they get, it ain’t enough.

I always thought that Public Radio meant ‘no commercials’. These folks give plugs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry  2-bit business that makes a donation.

And that’s not the worst part; this liberal backed station continues the fear mongering of getting vaxxed and wearing masks…yep, and they have “doctors” give a blurb speech of why the vax is good for you, and how masks prevent the spread of the….ready for this?….The Pandemic…

Every year in October, they have a membership drive, and a couple years ago, they were hell bent to get $800,000 in public donations…

Well they got their money, and they moved their offices to a bigger, better place. You oughta see the staff they have, and I figure everyone is making tens of thousands of bucks per annum.

Now, they push to have older folks leave their money and estates to their station in their will.

In addition, they now push for listeners to donate their cars.

They also prefer a monthly tithe instead of a one time donation…

Gimme, gimme, gimme…the motto of liberals.

My guess is that the payroll is very lop sided with unnecessary “management” and “workers”, and the management are atop the totem pole over there.

The DJs are very well versed in the music they play…

One sad woman has a program called “Petrie Dish”. Basically a broadcast that purports fear mongering about the Kung Flu.

Unbelievable; well maybe not so much.

Perhaps I spend too much time inside.

The Monkey Pox will not kill you, and the pictures they show, are worst case scenarios.

Just my opinion.

14 thoughts on “About Public Radio

  1. Get yourself a good old-school TV aerial, X. The bandwidth of these are close enough to the FM broadcast band to work really well. Connect that to your sound system and you’ll pull in stations from Timbuktu.

    If you’re looking for something SLIGHTLY more portable, find yourself one of the Zenith shortwave radios from the 70’s. The receivers are really sensitive and the radios include the AM/FM broadcast bands. I say SLIGHTLY because these are fairly heavy radios, and take, I believe, EIGHT D batteries. Connect that TV aerial to this thing and you’ll pull in FM stations from MARS!

    For the record, the commercial AM/FM stations have quite a few of those “COVID BOOSTERS MAKE YOU STRONG!!!” ads as well. The lies ARE the virus…

    • I have considered an antenna…it’s on the to do list…and you’re right about the other stations…what little I listen to on FM does have the Kung Flu bullshit as well.

  2. my local station is much the same, though not federally funded to my knowledge. but i’m sick of the ten times a day CO-VID 19 update and the pharmacy rep telling me how to get a free covid test every other song which are the exact same songs playing on your station. the monkeypox pics are old photos mostly. some from 2013, others from a 2017 outbreak here in the us. don’t remember hearing about that one, do you? 71 infections, zero fatal. omg, call out the national guard!

  3. There are a lot of internet streaming radio stations. I have a Pandora profile that I will listen to if I am not streaming one of the two Atlanta Classic Rock stations, 96 Rock or 97.1 The River.

  4. If you like classical music the stream from KUSC.org may be up your alley. They are out of USC but are NOT political at all, the DJs just announce the music and talk about the artists, composers, etc. No news coverage at all.

  5. What little respect I used to have (to be honest, it was already ZERO’d out) for our nanny state public radio station got blown out the window a couple years ago right after Saint George when the female with the syrupy voice filled with sorrow, self pity, and all that shit told her audience how ashamed she was to be White. The only thing missing was the bitch falling on her sword-but, truth be told, she and her kind really want US to fall on swords, not them. Looks like it will be lampposts and rope some day soon-should be interesting.

  6. Love the graphic of the worshipers. The backstory: a ditz from high school contacts me every year or two to “see how I’m doing”. Last time around I gave her my take on the covid bullshit, shared my research findings, and she came back with an enraged rant about how I-the unvax’ed-was threatening the lives of many people. I politely disengaged and told her we should check back in a couple of years to compare our personal results. Upon further review, I may do a cut/paste of your graphic and sent it to her with no commentary. Like they say, barefoot and in the kitchen is the best policy.

  7. When I get to make deliveries to Del Rio- I like to listen to their old rock station 97.4 (I think) it’s an old time 70’s/80’s rock station with DJs who actually talk like they used to.

    It’s not a very powerful station, so I lose it about Brackettville.
    I couldn’t find it on AlBores intratoobs the last time I looked.

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