Some Gardening Updates

I watched several you tube videos from a guy with and outfit in N. Carolina; S&K Greenhouse..

He showed how to prune back the unnecessary shoots, and also that the plant leaves should not touch the ground…I did not know that. I have been pruning tomato plants this morning, and staking them better.

It’s a good thing I have a lot of pieces of 1/2″ rebar. I cover the rebar with a hunk of used irrigation t-tape, and use some heavy twine to tie them up.

He also prunes his zucchini and squash plants too, and the results were phenomenal.

Irrigation is back on today, and will likely water every day while the temps stay in the upper 90s.

The water melon plants that the wife bought, are in full swing with blooms all over…

Also, I did not know that melons, like squash and zucchini put out both male and female blooms, that the pollinators (bees) have to touch both of them to get the female plant pollinated.

Anyway, I felt his info was good to know…

10 thoughts on “Some Gardening Updates

  1. Don’t know for sure, but I think those folks who grow monstrous pumpkins (you know, like approaching half a ton) have some tricks up their sleeves. Just like back in the day when a 300 pound pro football player was a rarity, but now anything less is puny-maybe that is a result of better training and better pills.

    • Some veggies will grow and grow until they are harvested…I had a zucchini once that grew to the size of a baseball bat before I pulled it…no extra fertilizer needed..’course it was inedible..same with monster pumpkins…they will continue to grow until frost kills them.

  2. My sister-in-law planted yellow squash, cucumber and tomatoes in an old canoe. She used a very porous potting soil, which was full of fertilizer, but water wouldn’t stay long. I kept it watered, since she didn’t realize how much water was required to keep the plants alive. When my wife, and I, left for a few days, the hot sun, and lack of water was too much for the plants, so what we harvested earlier was about all there was to harvest. My efforts to revive the plants was futile, so I let them go.

  3. I need to do some pruning on my tomato plants and add some more soil around the stem. I picked my first red tomato today and it had bottom rot. I didn’t enough of a start building the calcium in the soil. I usually have 4 to 6 dozen egg shells that I pulverize and mix in the soil bin in January. I forgot and mixed in 4 dozen pulverized shells and 8 crushed Tums tablets a few days after planting the tomatoes.

    I will dump another dozen pulverized Tums in the soil with some Epsom salts and mix up a topical calcium spray. The Epsom salts help promote extra blooms for more fruit. I add Epsom salts once a month to all fruits and rose plants. The spay is 1/2 cup powdered milk, 2 chamomile tea bags, and 2 cups boiling water. Make 2 cups of chamomile tea and let it steep for about an hour. Add the powdered milk and spray down the leaves of the tomato plants. Do this once a week for 3 weeks and the plants will absorb the calcium potassium, and sulfur that is in the mixture

  4. If you don’t have very active bees or other pollenaters in your area, a cheap ‘hobby’ paint brush will work. Go from the female flowers on one plant and dust the male parts on a different plant.

    It’s not hard and allows you to inspect your flowers and make sure they get pollenated.

  5. Male zucchini and yellow squash flowers are edible/tasty. Dredge in beaten egg then flour or a half corn meal/flour mix. Fry in about a quarter inch of olive oil until golden, turning once. Drain on a paper towel after removal from the pan. Be sure to leave a couple of male flowers on each plant.

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