I Just Thought It Was Over

The wife tossed up her hands in defeat after the deer found a way onto the patio, and helped themselves to a succulent buffet. She was so angry, that she took down all the barriers I had so painstakingly put up to keep them out, and threw them into the yard.

Now, it’s a free for all

Yeah, it’s a free for all and the deers have lined up and pretty much finished all the good stuff…

Now, she wants me to install gates at the three entrances to the patio..greatgreatgreat..

Well OK then.

First, a pair of post hole diggers; Bully brand at $70.

The gates are $100 a piece from Tractor Supply…hold on there…one at at time please.

6 posts…I’ll use the landscape timbers we already have…didn’t landscape timbers used to be wolmanized as a standard?

Some sacks of concrete, and some baling wire to wire the cattle panel fencing to the gate. That will increase the height to over six feet…higher if necessary.

I guess I’ll use the wheelbarrow to mix up the concrete mix…

OK so let’s figger out how long this will take…

The first gate will be the easiest (if that is even a word I can use for digging post holes in the 90+ heat.

***this just in***

The wife has announced that she wants the roof replaced and the entire exterior of the house painted $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Looks like we’ll be draining her 401k to get that done…I am guessing between $15-20K for that job.

and the gate job will be done…let’s see  6 post holes in caliche, and I only work when the temp is under 90, and never get up until 9am so …carry the three…

2025…maybe if all goes well.

We have a spot on the roof that has ‘dipped’ and now is leaking through onto the eave, which is now in a state of rot.

The last time I saw this was when we lived in the RGV, and the eave fell completely out from under the roof…the patio roof was an add-on and the angle of the roof was not steep enough to allow water to run off and away; instead, it ran under the shingles on the edge, and went inside the eave, and resulted in a real…ugly mess when it finally fell out…nuh uh.. don’t want that again.

Likely, the drought will end when we get our estimate, and we’ll be smack dab in the middle of monsoon season…it could happen.

10 thoughts on “I Just Thought It Was Over

  1. Sounds like a hungry mountain lion could be the solution to your deer problems. Not sure how to help with your dear problems.

  2. I hope you are drinking.
    Of water. 🙂
    Geez, EX…your to-do list is growing exponentially. Time to stop that. Take care! Don’t work too hard or too long, too hot out.

  3. In a perfect world, you’d have a freezer full of venison, your garden would be protected, and the money you saved on meat would pay for home repairs.

      • So is there an issue with whacking an occasional Bambi? Legally of course, unless you’re like a friend of mine who walked out of her house one day and startled a deer who jumped sideways and brained itself dead, and another friend came and processed it for her.

      • My fear on the patio is if a deer is startled, it may just jump through the window onto the wife’s baby grand piano. I have no problem with “whacking a Bambi” if necessary. Unfortunately, I have no pals here that can dress out a deer.

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