Roofers Here This Morning

to give me an estimate on replacing the entire roof on the main house. This outfit also does painting, so they’ll be estimating that as well.

One thing I did not realize; when the price of oil goes up, so does asphalt shingles. He said it would be cheaper to put sheet metal instead of be it…at least the zombies won’t burn us out with flaming arrows…

The other guy called back, and he’ll be here Monday to give his estimate. I thought he was the owner/proprietor of that business Patriot’s Roofing, but I am thinking now he is an outside salesman, which means more $$$.

And here I am, preaching to the wife about saving $$$…I ordered a set of Bully Post Hole diggers; $75..yep, they cost more but they should last longer than the $40 pair.

The wife has a Dr appt Tuesday, and I am going to drive her to the big city, and drop her off while I go pick up a gate, and run a couple of errands.

The wife leaked to SIL about the deer problem, and wanting a gate(s) installed. BIL, in his infinitesimal carpentry experience, volunteered to drive down and “help” installing a gate.

My beer supplies arrived, and lo and behold they actually shipped it with a cold ice pack with the yeast..I still think it was chickenshit of them to not say anywhere that they are now in Minnesota, instead of Texas. The yeast was very fresh, so I am not in a particular hurry to brew with the rest going on here.

Speaking of which, some critter got into the chicken coop last night, and killed 10 of the kid’s was not pretty…chicken bodies and parts all over the coop. Two survived. Whatever it was, it took nice dump during the carnage..

I think I have convinced the kid to forego chicken activity this year, and over the winter, work on rebuilding the coop. I suggested she give her last two away to the neighbors, who let their chickens run free during the day…

I was also thinking about a game camera to set up out there to maybe get an idea of the culprit, then trap as necessary. Any suggestions on an inexpensive game camera?

23 thoughts on “Roofers Here This Morning

  1. I recommend metal roofs. They can last the life of a home, and when placed correctly, won’t leak. Even if they do, the leak is usually a screw, and some silicone solves the problem. Twenty six gauge is best.

  2. Just did a quick search and landed at – – where else? – – Amazon – – – for trail cameras. The URL is a mile long so try Amazon “trail camera” search. Prices from $39-$99. Maybe you can find one at a local shop instead of Bezos’ liberal marketplace. Good luck!

  3. Done properly, they’ll leave the old shingles on as long as they’re not too shot, and put the battens and metal over the whole thing. And that gap from the battens will help cool your house. Especially if you get just white or shiny tin rather than a dark color.

    • Some places allow as many as 5 overlays on a roof before stripping; at least it was like that in Colorado where I used to live.
      This guy shied away from overlays, as it does increase the weight, if the old shingles are not stripped. The old ones are now 30 years, and are showing the “asphalt lines” as the sand has largely deteriorated away. I think the wife is going for a light bronze color..

    • Beans, I installed a Standing Seam, 26 gauge metal roof on a house I built out side of Spokane and an while I didn’t have an existing shingled roof under, I still layered out with 40# felt and placed rigid insulation between the battens that accepted the screws from the metal roof. I went with a light cream color. I over built the whole house, using 2X8 outer walls, and using exterior 3/4 inch plywood on the outer walls and roof. I was young, and wanted a house that would out last me and at least two generation of progeny…

  4. Possum usually eat the head off. Might be a racoon. Almost a guarantee. Skunks leave their calling card. Got a live trap? Leave some of the mess under it, they’ll be back to clean up.

  5. Metal roofs do last longer but there are some drawbacks. Your cell phone may have problems with reception as well as any radios that do not have external antennas. A rain can be noisy and a hail storm can sound like you are in a fire-fight with automatic weapons.

    Stay away from the cheap Amazon only brands of trail cameras. Look at Cabala’s or Bass Pro Shop as they are much better than the cheap-o Amazon Apeman brand. I have the Apeman 16M that is supposed to be able to capture movie action. It lost it water tight ability just about the time the warranty ran out. It takes 8 AA batteries and it will not last a week filling a 16 Gig chip about 75%. I paid about $80 for it a few years back. It will not capture video and the resolution to photo a car tag requires it to be set to the highest resolution. Compared to my Ipad my guess the trail camera is 4 to 5 megapixel instead of the advertised 16. For slow moving animals it works OK.

  6. The wife set up a Walmart (before the plandemic and we used to shop there) trailcam when her chickens started getting eaten.
    Took real good pics of the racoon eating her girls.
    The next night she was waiting in the coop with her Red Dot .38 revolver.

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