Yet Another Hollyweird Idiot

Ron Perlman interview: 'Am I eager to do Hellboy 3? No, I'm 71 f***ing years old – but we owe this to the fans' | The Independent

Ron Perlman..wrong, stupid, and ugly to boot

He’s still mad at the fact that he’s butt ugly for life..

Funny we never hear anything from his ugly ass except issues for liberals…just stick a microphone in front of his mug, and he begins vomiting..

How much money have you made, Beast from flicks where you use firearms? Oh, I see..another hypocrite..

15 thoughts on “Yet Another Hollyweird Idiot

  1. It’s a form of insanity caused by associating with the insane. It’s similar to Stockholm Syndrome, but usually happens to those with substantially lower IQ’s. Usually people with the ailment are referred to as “dumbasses”.

  2. I guess the opinion on NY gun law, written by Justice Thomas, A BLACK MAN, somehow escapes Perlman’s grasp. The new poster boy for Demonrat stupidity.

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