19 thoughts on “Pride Month, My Ass

  1. Being Proud of something that You didn’t actually accomplish by diligent effort, like making the honor role, setting a record in track, getting first chair in band, etc, is bullshit.
    If you puff your chest out with Pride because you were born in Texas, that is lame.
    You can be Happy about it, but being Proud of it twisted.
    But the people who are proud of being queer are twisted, so, there is that.

    I do have a question.

    If it’s TRUE that they were Born this way, why do they need to groom kids? If they were Born that way, what happened to cause this sudden spike in their numbers? The percentage of children Born that Way has really skyrocketed, ehh?
    It’s almost as if it’s a choice for a majority of them.

    • That is indeed a good question.
      There is no need for grooming at all. Kids should be allowed to be kids.
      Thank Comrade Obamski for forcing the gay issue into our society. He had 8 years to push it, and now it’s a snowball rolling downhill out of control.
      Perhaps they feel they need to “groom” because they know it’s inherently socially unacceptable, and they can get away with it…kinda like the general liberal ideology.

    • It is something that sometimes is set into the brain’s chemistry. Could be from birth. Or from some event afterwards.

      Like trauma from being raped. Can happen as an adult, under basically a mind-breaking stress, like something really really bad or something bad for a long time.

      Then there’s the ‘teen’ years where one’s hormones are going spastically insane and questioning one’s place in the world is natural. And where quite a bit of gay shit is done by curious teenagers and then discarded as they find it not satisfying.

      Which is why grooming is so important. Take confused teens or pre-teens (who last week thought they were T-Rexes or cows or Klingons or Jedi Masters or whatever) and implant a system into their precious virginal brains and pound it in so hard that the child is potentially forever traumatized and changed.

      Deprogramming can work. Give the ‘pitching for the other team’ person a quiet environment that doesn’t reinforce the trauma and let them rediscover themselves.

      Seriously, how many of us wanted to be fighter pilots or tank commanders or firemen or whatever when we were kids, and in the intervening years between then and now our dreams and self-images have changed how many times?

      Yeah. F’in groomers, whether it be nasty Southwest Asians (otherwise known as… muslims) or LGBFJBPDWXYZWhatever people. You can program a child to be a sex slave, or gay, or a gay sex slave.

      Anyone who has spent time around kids who have survived childhood trauma, especially long-term trauma, like abuse, can tell you what happens to a kid affects the adult. Fucks their little growing brains right up, planting nasty mental landmines that will show up at the oddest and weirdest moments. The worse the physical/mental trauma the worse the long-term damage will be.

      This is what groomers (sex groomers or perv groomers or cult groomers or leftist-shitlib-democrats) are doing to the children of the world.

      Fuckers just need to be eliminated.

  2. Back when I was an IT Project Manager there were a couple of gay guys and a few lesbians in my department. They all spoke about how active their sex life was with the variety of partners. The lesbians, if they were in a relationship, they were monogamous while the guys were in an open relationship or had a little “strange” group action on a fairly regular basis. They were also viewed as a protected class by HR.

  3. The refrain from the LGBT community, don’t try shoving your religion down our throat
    While twisting language and doing their queer reading at the library seems just a little hypocritical.
    I wonder what kinda trainwreck we would suffer if the library started having bible lessons.

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