Gate Project, Continued

So, whilst waiting for the wife to get up, I managed to drag out a couple of landscape timbers, and give ’em the ol’ Thompson’s treatment.

While those are drying and getting another coat, I trickled the water onto the posts that are coming out. Partially to ease in their removal, and partially (mostly) to soften the ground. Given the shit construction done to this place, I would not be one bit surprised if those posts were embedded in nothing more than rocks stacked around it……bit.

Guess I should probably do the entire timber, since well, it’s there.

I have also removed the lag bolts holding the “handrail” to the posts…yet another shit job by the previous owner. The lag bolt was way too long, and would not screw down all the way, leaving a gap and hence, a loose handrail.

I pulled out one of the old posts, and lo and behold, my old man’s for shit concrete pouring technique is now biting me in the ass; big time.

He was unable to put the posts into the ground as they were, so he “trimmed” the cedar post to fit the hole he jackhammered in the spillover from the shit concrete job. I’m gonna have to use Big Lou, the heavy assed 6 ft, 1″ thick diameter cold roll steel pounding bar to knock out the concrete to make a bigger hole.

#!*&%$###!!!@###!!!…and then some…

Yeah, it oughta be nice a toasty tomorrow when I start knocking out that.

The wife will find me dead on the steps, and she’ll say

Poor thing…he died doing that for me…oh look, he has his new shorts on too.

Big Lou, here I come.

Big Lou…pointy on one end, chisel on the other

The post hole in question with Big Lou inside..It’s hard to tell, but the hole was either molded with something in it when concrete poured, or it was jack hammered into a perfect circle (doubtful)…it’s concrete all the way down…sorry, Big Lou…you won’t have enough oomph to knock out 4-5 inches of concrete…

And here is the “modified” post to fit…

My options?

1. Rent a chipping hammer or jack, and drill that sombitchin’ hole as big as I need it…

2. Trim the landscape timber to fit, and continue the “cheating game”…

3. just say “fuck it”, and go pull weeds..

The local hardware store has chipping hammer rental at $50 for 4 hours…this project is turning out to be costly just to keep the ding danged deers from eating the wife’s plants.

Damn…I suspected my dad didn’t like me much, but well, there ya go…

14 thoughts on “Gate Project, Continued

  1. Unless you plan on hanging an engine on the landscaping timber, a little work with a skill saw will make it fit the hole. You never really know how much concrete is under the ground, but sometimes it’s the leftover from another project, and it was easier to just fill everything with concrete.

    From watching the weather wizards, your area is in line for what can be some torrential rains over the next few days.

    • I am thinking that cutting to fit may be the way to go with this, saving me from the agony of using a heavy (and costly) chipping hammer, into unknown territory.
      I hope you’re wrong about the rain forecast…mine says different, but heavy rains would not be welcomed with the roof leak in its present state..Forecasts change here almost hourly..

      • It appears the system is moving my direction, which will give us some much needed rain. So far, it’s looking like you’ll stay dry.

  2. T have used epoxy resin to coat posts that I put into the ground. Another alternative is the rubberized automotive undercoating.

  3. An old tip for tools you pounded on to work – get an old rubber ball and push a cold chisel through it to help with vibration when you pound on end of it. I’m wondering if an old ‘pool noodle’ cut to length, would help with Big Lou transmitting the same damage to your hands.

    Good luck with your project – no rest for the wicked. Our forecast in RGV may also include a bit of rain, which we are in need of desperately.

    • Anything to reduce the vibration/shock from the pounding would work.
      At this point, I am not sure if I’m gonna just trim the timbers to fit the holes, or rent the chipping hammer and do it right…Big Lou sounded like a good idea at the time, and would have worked, had the concrete been just an inch or so thick…This is looking more like 6 inches of concrete…Big Lou will go back into the wellhouse for a later project.
      Consider that I dropped $75 on new post hole diggers that I won’t even need for this project after all. grrrrr

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