Oh Jeez; Another Project

As I was driving to town this morning, I noticed a low hanging branch; so low, in fact that I avoided driving under it as it is so low now that it would drag across the top of my truck…even lower.

It’s an old oak tree that has been problematic for several years, and is now deteriorating before my eyes.

If you follow the low hanging branch, it ends up about 4 ft off the ground.

It would yield a lot of firewood if done right. The tree is leaning the wrong direction..it cannot fall to the right due to the power lines.

I have in the past, tossed a rope over previously low hanging branches, and pulled them down, and proceeded to cut them up into a nice tidy stack of firewood…something which is new to me.

The whole tree would be a much larger scale, obviously.

My trip to town included filling my truck gas tank; that was $44. Gas was $4.99/gal for mid-grade, which is what we run in our vehicles. I was sure to leave one of my FJB stickers on the pump..such a troublemaker…

My second stop was the local grocery store across from the gas station, where I picked up one of their boneless rib eye cryovac roasts.

These carve into steaks nicely, after they are cleaned of the silver skin and much of the fat. I’ll likely carve out one roast, and several assorted sized steaks to be in the Food Saver.

And here I am, yapping about spending money on a chipping hammer rental, and I go out and blow $80 on a hunk of meat….is that wrong?

Looks like the harder, intense manual labor projects are on hold today, until I decide what to do about the post holes…do I chip them out bigger, or just carve up the posts to fit? Those are the options I have allowed, and here I sit. A chipping hammer rental would entail me getting that thing picked up and me chipping away in the morning before it gets hot.

Some further scrutiny on the current holes reveal that at least one is several inches thick of concrete; 6 inches? maybe? My issue is that after each chipping session, I’ll have to get on my knees and manually pull the concrete chips out of the hole. So be it. that would be the right way to do it, IMO.

I am still waiting on the other roofer’s bid on the roof and paint job. He said he’d try to get by here this morning, which is just now over.

Looks like I’m gonna put on my meat cutter hat today, whilst I ponder what to do next.

You may have noticed my little Stagecoach trailer. It’s a 5×8, and has come in very handy. The side boards I added after I got it, to help contain whatever I may be hauling. I looked at trailer from Tractor Supply and HD, but felt they were not as heavy duty as this little gem. Yeah, it cost over $1100, but I got no complaints. It’s a bitch to back, however, with the short wheelbase and all…practice practice..


My Food Saver has crapped out. By the time I was done, I realized that only  half of the bags actually sealed. I did them again, and same result. Needless to say, I am fit to be tied.

14 thoughts on “Oh Jeez; Another Project

  1. Other than having a tree cutter remove the tree, the best method is to use a ladder, trim away the lower branches a few inches at a time on the side with the wires, and work back toward the trunk. Sometimes, this changes the center of gravity, and the tree will fall toward the side with the most branches.

    As far as the concrete, it takes time, but you’ll probably find the concrete can be pried away from the poured walls after digging around the edges. With the encapsulating soil removed, if you have to break the concrete, concentrating on the thinnest section will yield pieces easier to handle.

  2. I would put the ladder up and limb it on the side you don’t want to fall. Top it about 2/3 the way up and again cutting what is left in half. But I know you have this thing about ladders.

    You are paying about 80 cents a gallon more than what I can get it here in the ATL. That chunk of beef is about $3 a pound more here at the local grocery or double if I go to the abattoir for a Choice grade and another $4 on top of that for Prime. The best thing about the abattoir is the trim the excess fat, remove the membrane, and will even cut it up for no extra charge. What is the grade of the beef?

  3. The post: If you can do the right way, do it he right way. If you can’t do it the right way, do the best you can. Face it; we’re getting old… …I won’t try to cut down a tree by myself anymore…

    I paid $5.89/gallon last Sunday for regular. This was down 21 cents from the week before.

    Those little trailers are a hair bear to back, especially if the tow vehicle has a long wheelbase!

    I get enough use out of my FoodSaver unit that when it finally dies, I’m going to go with something more robust, like the Weston Pro-2300 unit. Yeah; costs twice as much as the top-end FoodSaver, but it’s commercial grade. It can also take wider bags than the FS. Both of my units overheat after two or three seals, leaving me to wait until they cool. One of my units was a $20.00 yard sale special. I bought it so that when we do bulk buys we can use one to make the bag and the other to seal, minimizing the overheating. That “yard sale special” turned out to be FoodSaver’s top of the line! Such a deal!

    • Man, when it rains it pours, as they say…everything that goes wrong seems to have a price tag on it..Weston…I’ll look into it…the comparable Food Saver to mine runs around $250..am updating my quandary for the post holes now…

  4. One of the backyard mesquites lost a big branch last Friday due to high winds and little watering. Took about an hour with a pole saw to clean it out and luckily was able to lever it to break way at top, about 15 feet high.

    Wild idea – being as its 4th of July and fireworks are available, I wonder if a couple heavyweight firecrackers with a fixed cover on top to compress the air would crack the concrete from the concussion caused. Stll leaves the work of removing the cracked pieces but still a thought. Science.

    Nice trailer and yes, very handy. We keep one of the Harbor Freight units that have welded reinforcments and wood plank sides like yours. Is used to carry hay bailes to pasture, saving cost of delivery and stacking. Registered as ag use, so the plate tags are much less.

    • So many possibilities…I am looking at a Milwaukee corded hammer drill with a chisel bit to knock out the concrete…the tree will have to wait…for a little while anyway…I am still leaning towards the tie-a-brick-to-the-rope idea, and tie it to the trailer hitch on the pickup and pull it down…

  5. There was a really good rental yard where we used to live-as the saying goes: if they didn’t have it you didn’t need it. For those early morning jobs they would let you come in right before closing, rent it and keep it over night. If you brought it back by noon you’d only pay the 4 hour rate. Depending on the job and the rental item I could usually get in an hour or two before it got too dark to work, then up early and out by 7am to continue the job.

    We had a monster oak tree out in the pasture, close to a small brook that was fed by a 1 acre wooded area across the road. Heavy rains in the summer would keep the water flowing for at least 3 weeks as the wooded area slowly gave up its accumulated moisture. The previous owners had a guy from the ag college come out and core the tree back in the early ’60s-he counted about 100 annual rings, which suggested the oak got its start around Civil War days. That area-eastern Kansas-was of course opened up for sanctioned settlement right after the CW ended-Indians were “dealt with” so “civilization” could continue its westward march. Of course there were people there before the CW, but it was dicey at times trying to get settled and start growing crops. Survival often depended on having plenty of ammunition for when the raiders came a calling.

    The big oak got hammered late one spring when a tornado came through and took out a good sized section right in the middle of the canopy-poor thing survived but to this day it still looks freakish.

  6. ” and I go out and blow $80 on a hunk of meat….is that wrong?”
    HELL NO!!! Not with all the projs you got going on.
    You also deserve a month of sitting on your butt playing Asteroids online. Early Happy & safe 4, EX and all.

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