9 thoughts on “Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist

  1. To get a feel for the size of a Zeppelin, you need to see their hangers at Moffet Field Ca or in Akron Oh. The Navy used these airships in the 1930’s they are huge; today’s airships are dwarves in comparison.

    For those of us about to rock WE SALUTE YOOU !!!!

    Funny, my niece knew all the words by the time she was between 3-4 just from watching the Vikings Cat video with The Immigrant song. I take credit for turning her on to R&R.

    • Excellent that we uncles have had some influence (the positive kind) on our nieces and nephews…
      My oldest nephew used to point to the cassette deck in my car and say “dat’s rock and roll!”…after, I’d always give him a Jolly Rancher…good times…

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