Jack Hammer? I Don’t Think So

So, this morning, I headed into town to look at the “chipping hammer” that the local hardware store had for rent. As it turned out, it was the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of a full blown jack hammer. I mean, it even had its own dolly to haul that sombitch around on. A set of bits had their own places on said dolly, that could have been used as clubs in a riot situation were included….I…don’t…think…so.

Fuck that shit.

A hernia is just another thing I don’t need.

I am looking at a purchase from HD for a Milwaukee hammer drill (corded) that allows hammer only choice, with a 10″x 3/4″ chisel attachment…that oughta do it. I looked at Harbor Freight, but decided to go with the HD so I could use the CC (credit card, not concealed carry, although a similar thought crossed my mind).

Besides, every guy with a garage should have a hammer drill.

Now I’m just waiting for the wife to get up, as she was hankerin’ to go to the big city…at least, she was yesterday..I talked her out of it, and my reasoning was “why are you going to spend $10 on gasoline for s $2 plant?”

No answer means I win…..that was yesterday..

My purchase will approach $300, so she can get her vincas or whatever…in for a penny, in for a pound.

So, the wife is up and we’re off to the big city to run up our credit card. I told the kid about her chore which will be scooping out the concrete chips and dirt from the holes as I enlarge them.

10 thoughts on “Jack Hammer? I Don’t Think So

  1. Since Sweet Little Wife wants some front porch railings installed, it looks like I’ll be joining the ranks of hammer-drill owners. I have a good, corded 1/2″ drill, but for concrete? Nah…get a hammer drill. Besides, I have to drill two holes in the foundation on the North side of the house so I can get a couple of cables from the outside into the electronics shop in the basement.

  2. I’ve used electric, and pneumatic breakers. The 90# air is too much for small areas of concrete. You spend more time wrestling the beast to position, and such jobs that requires such a big hammer usually need a bigger hydraulic breaker on a small piece of equipment.

    For air, and small jobs, the best is a 30# hammer. It’s easier to wrestle, and the fast action does a lot of work for such a small hammer. Chipping hammers, and rivet busters, are usually a waste of time, in my opinion, unless it’s in an area that only requires a small amount of concrete to be removed, and hard to access.

    Electric jack hammers, as far as I’m concerned, are useless. They don’t hit hard enough for their weight, so resorting to a hammer drill is a better bet. With a drill bit, you can drill a multitude of holes in a specific area, and then use a spade bit to spall out only what needs to be removed.

  3. A little late to the party, but;

    Might hit a pawn shop for a cheaper price. Unless it’s going to be something used frequently only then would I buy a new unit.

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