A Safe And Happy 4th To You

I saw yesterday that UPS is now refusing to ship firearms? and have “destroyed” shipments with firearms in them?

BREAKING: UPS Cuts Off Gun Parts Retailers for Selling ‘Ghost Guns,’ Threatens to Seize and Destroy In-Transit Packages

So the Feds have pulled yet another way to curb the sale of guns, by threatening companies that ship them. UPS said that ATF was “inspecting” the compliance of UPS and firearms shipping laws.

More like, the Feds threatened to shut THEM down if they were busted shipping the so called “ghost guns” and parts thereof.

Given the heated competition between UPS and FedEx, no doubt FedEx will be next on the “do what I say, or I’ll shut you down” list.

Personally, I’d just stop doing business with anyone who ships UPS, and go elsewhere.

I have noticed though, that any firearms ordered by us to the local FFL dealer, was shipped UPS.

FedEx seems to ship more ammo than firearms, from what I have observed.

In other news, I was out using the new hammer drill yesterday, and it worked well. It did reveal however, that it is slow going, and having to empty out the holes with chipped concrete, dirt, and the like is very time consuming. I had to use the wet/dry vac to clean out the debris from the holes. It worked very well. The kid said she would do it, but…

My original yeast pack for the upcoming beer brewing is finally showing some expansion; after a week…that’s really not good, telling me that the yeast is old. They were kind enough to ship another (via UPS) that won’t arrive until Thursday. Still, sitting in a UPS warehouse for 3 days is not good business for homebrew suppliers…not in this heat, anyway.

This is after almost a week after being smacked. I have seen fresh yeast expand this much overnight, causing me to get in gear to prep for the starter..no hurry here, it looks like.

No doubt this is very old yeast; at least 6 months…and they’re sending me a replacement…well shit. If it’s the same batch of old yeast, it’s still gonna take a week to expand…that makes it very difficult to plan for bottling if we’re waiting for another week for the yeast to expand..jeez…

I foresee another poison pen letter going off to them very soon.

All in all, we are gaining ground to brew day, whenever that may be. Retirement does have its perks, given that when I was working, I could only brew on weekends, and had to plan accordingly. will update.

It’s so dry here, that I will have to be watching for the white trash shooting fireworks tonight. The grass fire danger here is extreme

Enjoy your day off if you are among the working class.

Have a safe one!

18 thoughts on “A Safe And Happy 4th To You

  1. Good luck with the replacement yeast. I liked the liquid yeasts when I had a good brew shop to get my supplies. The guy that ran the shop was a regional home brew and winemaker wholesale distributor but he had a storefront with limited hours. All of his shipping was overnight or same day truck delivery.

    UPS destroying packages??? They are setting themselves up for a lawsuit. If somebody wants a ghost gun a cad machine or digital printer can make a receiver from scratch. I have a friend that has a machine shop with a few cad machines. He makes auto parts during the week but has been known to make anything from a derringer to semi-auto 50BMG.

    Enjoy your Independence day.

    • The replacement will likely be from the same lot as the others. Now that I know that it will take a week to expand, I can smack it 10 days before bottling, allowing me to add it to the bottling wort.
      A friend with those kind of skills could be very handy.

      • I have a Beretta 92AF INOX 9mm pistol, the original INOX with the stainless hardware that came with the rosewood grips. The weak link in the 92’s is the alloy locking block. It was bad enough that the Air Force made us keep a log of rounds that went through the M-9 and the guns would get new springs and locking block every 10k rounds. I have broken a locking block on my first 92 and it jammed up the gun so bad the slide had to be cut off by a gunsmith. I traded that 92 for the INOX back in 1988. My friend made me 2 stainless locking blocks for my INOX. It has nightstand duty and I run a magazine through it once a year, then clean it, and return it to the nightstand. I put fresh springs and the stainless locking block 12 years ago and I have about 200 rounds through it since I replaced the springs. It has had about 50k rounds through it.

  2. EX – A Blessed and Safe 4th to you, yours and your readers!
    Can’t believe UPS is pulling that crap…..wait, under the current Administration, yes I can.

  3. Fuck the BATFELGBTQ grunts. Enjoy your 4th and watch out for flaming bottle rockets on your dry grass. As a teenager we would have bottle rocket wars and shoot them at each other. Fun times.

  4. Had a bud from Kindergarten thru freshman college; Barry was his name (though maybe he is now in some kind of witness protection program????). The kid was far too clever and mixed in with his almost bully status it was a wonder he never wound up in reform school (instead, he dropped out of college and joined the Navy. His dad was a mechanic and when he ran a service station during our high school years he would put us on the payroll at a dollar an hour, under the table with no withholding. If we weren’t getting in trouble with cars we were getting in trouble with girls; like I said: high school years. After his dad lost his lease on the station we were kinda pissed, though it really didn’t bother him as he could always find work. Anyway, we were playing with the idea of shooting pop bottle rockets-from a distance-over the 15 foot high vent pipes when the tanker truck was filling the underground tanks at the station. I think that was about the only time in our hell-raising young lives that we ever abandoned a well thought out plan.

    • Good question. Does the Secret Service draw straws to see who loses?
      The SS really has to love Creepy Joe, or the possibility of killing to want that job…I pity the poor bastards who gotta take the abuse from Swillary.

  5. It sounds like Salerno Afghanistan with multiple incoming right now. Rocket city. I had a recoilless rifle grenade land inches from my face, thank God it was a dud. I cheated death numerous times. The time I ended up in Kabul after doing a mission jump and the suicide bomber was executed just outside the DHL office. The SF splashed his body fluids all over the streets but the bomb didn’t go off. I am on drink #3 and I am determined to be fucked up enough to not have a PTSD episode.

  6. Doesn’t that yeast have a Born On date, or Best used by date?

    If I could afford it, I’d buy a milling machine just to crank out those ‘ghost’ receivers — because FY.

    • The liquid yeasts used to have born on date, which helped considerably in knowing how old it is…the fresher it is, the quicker it becomes viable to pitch.
      Actually, from what I’ve read, all one needs is a decent drill press to make the receivers..and the jigs, of course.
      This yeast has a “best used by” date of November…Who cares about expiration? I need to know when it was created, which is more helpful, IMO.

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