Looks Like We’re Brewing Tomorrow

But first, we must make a starter. A starter is basically a tiny batch of beer. We do this to give our yeast population a huge boost in numbers, to start the fermentation process quicker. The quicker the ferment begins, the less chance there is of bacteria in the unfermented beer starting their own colony.

As the beer ferments, the alcohol will kill off any (mostly) errant bacteria that may have gotten in.

This is our yeast pack. It is getting very firm now.

So we boil some water, and add it to the Erlenmeyer flask to sterilize it.

We’ll leave it there while we boil some wheat malt with about 2 C of r/o water.

The wheat malt has the consistency of flour; it is very fine. I am using 3/4 C of wheat malt to dissolve in the boil to make the starter.

and here is our yeast starter wort.

It will have to cool for several hours before we add our yeast. Overnight it should kick off nicely, and after we brew tomorrow, we will dump the contents into our wort (unfermented beer) and let the magic begin.

More pics at this point are pointless as even adding yeast will take a few hours to begin its own ferment, creating trillions and trillions of hungry yeast cells. It would look the same, just more volume.

I heard from the other roofer this morning. Apparently, he broke both legs in an accident where he says he basically tripped over his own shoelaces.

He is still bidding on the job of the roof and painting. He was shocked to hear what the other guy bid on both the sheet metal and asphalt shingle roof. Even though he cannot work, he still has a competent crew that can do the job, and will get back to me later with his quote.

It’s still gonna take likely a week to pry the cash loose from our financial advisor…OK, I’ve got one for you…This financial advisor, to whom the wife transferred all her retirement funds to on a recommendation from (wait for it) SIL and BIL!

And they bailed on him saying their account was being mismanaged…remember, they just got a reverse mortgage because they pissed away all their retirement money…is that irony or what?

I am still chipping away at the post holes. I’m gonna need a 16″ hammer drill bit in addition to the spade bit I have. The present holes are much smaller and deeper than I anticipated, and the spade bit is not long enough to get down deep.

It’s difficult as the holes are on a rock filled slope, and getting the correct angle to properly chip away is well, a bitch and my knees can’t take long periods of time kneeling with pads. I still may end up downsizing the landscape timbers to a point…eventually.

I will make a detailed infomercial post on the brewing process tomorrow. It won’t appear until the afternoon, however.

5 thoughts on “Looks Like We’re Brewing Tomorrow

  1. I used to add a tablespoon of powdered wheat malt to a freshly opened gallon of milk when my kids were little. I used the powdered wheat malt for starters and finishing carbonization. I had a 3.5 gallon container for malt extract syrup as it was a more cost efficient malt back when I was brewing.

  2. That’s pretty much how I visualize Covid “vaccines” being made, other than the Big Pharma recipes probably throw in some juices from the septic tank.

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