Polio Outbreak?

That would be bad, no two ways about it.


Hmm…Since we cannot trust anything coming from any media outlet, consider this;

Do ya think that illegal aliens from Honduras, Mexico, Central America, Bumfuck Africa, Middlefinger East, China, and every other frickin’ 3rd world country making way to the US, are vaccinated?

Not only NO, but HELL NO! Reason enough to keep the mofos out…

NYC…polio shithole, asshole of the country…couldn’t happen to a nicer place.

The polio vax is one that I fully support…have you had your DPT booster in the past 10 years?

5 bucks says that NYC will run out of polio vaccines in the very near future.

15 thoughts on “Polio Outbreak?

  1. Had a DPT a few years ago when I cut my finger on some old nasty junk. Gee…all these third world diseases coming back. Open border? You Betcha!

    • Since we’re out in the country now, I keep my tetanus updated. It seems I am always getting cuts and jabs from various pointy objects. When I requested my updated booster a few years ago at the doc’s office, they looked at me like I had a second head. I had to wait a couple days, as they didn’t “have it in stock”.

  2. This has been one of my main arguments with Lefties concerning illegal immigration. There’s a REASON immigrants must be vetted before entering our country, and this is a BIG one. People point backwards in HORROR at Ellis Island, NY, where most immigrants came into the country, saying that immigrants were incarcerated there. This is yet again a rewrite of history. Ellis Island wasn’t just a processing center; it was a QUARANTINE! Many’s the number of people who were sent back to Guadalawhothehellcares because they had TB or any one of many communicable diseases. Now, after their eradication in the United States, many diseases are being reintroduced to our population by illegals and their Left Wing enablers. As an added bonus, some of these diseases are making their 2.0 appearances as drug-resistant bugs.

    …Maybe when some Left-Wing elite’s kid ends up in an iron lung things will change. Until then though it’ll just be a problem for us “dirt people…”

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if those being infected with Polio were vaccinated against Polio, and later “vaccinated” against COVID. Of course, if that is the case, we’ll never hear a word about it. Innit curious that diseases like Polio and Monkeypox are once again spreading, right after all those “vaccine” mandates?

  4. I was up on all my shots, even anthrax, when I was work/traveling. That was 8 years ago. I have had the flu shot about every other year but I am done with shots.

    @Tom You are on point about the quarantine and shipping their sick ass back.

    • The military MANDATED the flu “vaccine” when it first made its debut in the 80’s. Those “vaccines” made me SICK! The military was nothing more than a test bed for these jabs. Since finding out that these “vaccines” are made with the same aborted fetus cell lines, I have stopped taking that “vaccine” as well. I’m not sure why I was even taking them. I’ve had the flu ONCE in my 61 years! It truly sucked, but that’s all it did.

      • My neighbors across the street had a daughter who was in the Army. She was deployed to Iraq, and after getting all her vaxxes, it turned out the vaxxing gave her multiple sclerosis…a very aggressive strain. She died in like 5 years or so…
        No vaxxes for me…

  5. The only time I have had the flu I was not vaxxed, 1982 or so, and one time in 1992. For the first,I spent 8 hours working inside a boiler that still had a little steam floating around, came out cured. For the second I went to the doc, and it had to run its course. I’ve never had a flu shot, have had polio and tb shots in my single digit years. No more shots for me.

  6. I can remember being part of the mass inoculation experimental program in elementary school in the 50’s. The doc administering the shots was filling a syringe from an open bowl of pink fluid, after dipping the syringe in a clear fluid, in another open bowl. The following year we got the “real” vaccine in another mass inoculation event. At the time I lived in the state where the virus was isolated and a vaccine developed.

    One of the guys in my fifth or sixth grade class got polio. His mother home schooled him and massaged and worked his arms and legs several times a day to keep his mobility up, although he was mostly bed ridden for a year or more. I don’t know what other treatments he received to kill the virus. He finally rejoined the class in eighth grade and was a star pupil and athlete in HS.

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