A Couple Questions

Hypothetically speaking of course…

If a person is diagnosed with say, oh I don’t know, a sinus infection, do their clothes carry the “germ”? enough so to infect someone else?

If for example, a person has been exposed to the Kung Flu at the workplace, does their clothes carry the virus? enough so to infect someone else?

As you know, the wife put herself in self quarantine after finding out that the kid was 1) exposed to Kung Flu at work and 2) diagnosed with a sinus infection. To keep the wife away from a possible infection, she made the kid stay out of the main house until after the infusion tomorrow.

I made it clear that the kid was to do her laundry in town at the laundromat…

This afternoon, the kid wheels her laundry basket up to the front door, and leaves it. The next thing I see, is the wife dragging the basket into the house, and commencing to do the kid’s laundry…and the kid is calling her telling how she wants it done…

Now I ask you, is this risky? Am I wrong in thinking that a laundry basket seething with live various types of bacteria and viruses is contagious? especially to someone who is ripe for any infection?

Rant over.

14 thoughts on “A Couple Questions

  1. A sinus infection is not contagious. But, what caused the sinus infection? Was it the sniffles that escalated because the sinus passages were not cleared? Or is there a bug that is contagious that causes a sinus infection as a side effect? Has the kid been tested for Kung Flu and I don’t mean the over the counter test?

    The kung flu can ride on clothes, other objects, and can be airborne. The virus is so small the standard filter for the military gas mask will not filter it out of the air.

    Have your wife take a shower, change clothes, and disinfect everywhere the kid has been. Double up the dose of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and potassium.

  2. The $1.00 (now the $1.25) store sells EXCELLENT cans of disinfectant spray, the brand name is Chase. There’s 3 scents, linen, lilac and “country breeze.” If one is sensitive to smells, I recommend the linen scent. I accidentally bought one of the lilac scent once and its aroma is putrid and hangs in the air for hours. The can, like the more expensive Lysol, says, “kills covid and flu germs” etc, etc. I’m not a germaphobe, but after I leave a public place, I get back into my truck and spray down my shirt and shorts or pants. It’s not like I coat my clothes in the spray, I just hit the shirt, pants, shoes.

    I am only GUESSING, but the heat from any laundromat dryer will kill any virus or bacteria.

    I’m unvaxxed and intend to stay that way. In the past 2.5 years, I had a minor head cold that was gone in a couple days. I truly believe in a good multi vitamin, extra zinc, extra Vit D and Vit C. This is not intended as medical advice. It’s what works for me.

    Hope everyone is back on the mend!

    • I’m with you on the vitamins and minerals. I did get the OMG Omicron. I doubled up on all the normal vit’s I take. It was over in five days. The middle three days were not fun. Regular colds and flu, I haven’t had either in quite some time. As soon as I feel a sniffle coming on, I double up on Vit C. I normally take 1000mg/day. YMMV

  3. If you get The ‘Rona, Ivermectin is definitely your friend, and is widely available (but NOT through Big Hospital or Big Pharma!) through third-party. It’s so safe, even the horse paste is effective (pay attention to the dosage, good info is on line).

    I have sinus infections galore, but don’t spread it because I’m careful to COVER my mouth when I sneeze. Washing and drying kills most all germs and viruses. Even if you hang clothes out to dry!

    The human immunome system is robust, Normal contact outside of kissing or sex is easy for hte body to overcome, it’s when the exposure to biologicals is excessive or massive. You’ll not get Moneypox if you are normal and behave yourself… I’ve been exposed countless times to COVID and so have you and yours. Are you dead? If not, and you haven’t been jabbed, you are pretty much good to go – ask any virologist or infectious disease specialist(s) about human immune system responses to pathogens.

    Best of health to all, you’re gonna need it with all those poor jabbed people spreading death and destruction… be sanitary and safe.

    That is all.

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