Quick Update

Up at 6 today, preparing for the trip to the big city for the wife’s infusion.

They finally got it started at 9, and we were back home by 1, after a stop at the pharmacy on the way back.

Boring, but uneventful. One woman who was there had a reaction to her meds, causing a stir amongst the nurses..a couple shots of Benadryl seemed to fix her up.

The roofers are almost done with the roof, and indicated they would be painting tomorrow.

Looks like I’ll be outside tomorrow morning taking down the hanging baskets and brackets so they can paint on the patio..the plants will have to be brought inside as otherwise, the deer will have a full blown buffet. greatgreatgreatgreat…

I Food Savered my 10lb roll of ground beef into 6 various sized packages, and into the freezer they went.

I placed one last order from Sam’s before my membership expires…they got the Rotel tomatoes back in stock so I ordered a case of those, and another package of 600 plastic coated plates…that’ll give us a total of around 1500. We seem to go through them quickly.

My next trip to the grocery store will be next Tuesday. Since I have already spent $150 from Sam’s, my store trip will likely be more chicken, a pork roast, and fresh produce. The pork roast will be carved into boneless chops. chicken parts will divided into twos and threes and Food Savered.

I am thinking I may try freezing some tortillas too, or seriously look into making my own corn tortillas. I have in the past, but they were smaller than the commercial varieties…just thinking out loud..

A taco is a very handy food item; versatile and portable.

My naptime approaches…


6 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Sounds like a busy day. finished up patching, re-glazing, and painting my second story foyer window. This has been a project that has gone on for over 10 days, I tore down the scaffolding and set it up to tackle the second story windows where the bull nose on the sashes has rotted on all of them. I am shooting for a one and a half day completion schedule while the wife repaints the lower windows. Lesson learned: mask instead of razor scrape window pains because the perfect glazing job is no longer perfect.

    It was a quarter till noon when I came in after erecting the scaffolding at the first window. The washing machine had took a dump. For the past month it has been acting up, shutting off during the wash cycle with water up to the front load door but maybe running a full cleaning cycle. It is 25+ years old and according to the internet the main board is most likely eaten up with corrosion. Replacement boards are unobtanium. There is a repair shop 10 minutes away and I carried the model and serial number to them. Apparently six weeks ago I probably had the only one of these in existence that was still working. I bought a used Maytag washer /electric dryer combo from them. I need an electric dryer in the new house and I have a 25 year old gas dryer now. It will stay with the house. Supposedly the used units have been gone through and the known weak links fixed or replaced. They also give a year warranty. I spent half the afternoon getting the old washer that had 10 or more gallons of water in it out of the house and the new to me washer installed. The new-to-me dryer went into the basement. BTW: I got the combo set for less than what the dead front load cost 25 years ago. The old front load was top of the line Sears unit and I used my step-fathers discount and employee discount coupon codes to get it down to $650 back then.

    The only plus side to my mother re-marrying was that the guy she married worked for Sears in the appliance department. The 7 years they were married I got almost every tool that Craftsman made at stupid discount prices. Otherwise he was a leach.

  2. My sister in law made some corn tortillas the other day. I got to eat a few. They were about the size of a large navel orange and thicker than store bought. They also didn’t taste or smell like draino.

    I’ve frozen flour and corn tortillas without damaging them. Go for it!

  3. We freeze flour tortillas but not he corn ones. The corn tortillas defrost brittle and tend to fall apart. The flour ones can be frozen until the Second Coming and defrost fine.

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