Roofers Are Done

Yes, it’s true.

They showed up today, and I had to make one more run to the paint store for another gallon of black for the finishing touches. The wife and I agree that they did an outstanding job.

The west side

the south side

southeast corner

the north side…partial

and the carport

And it began to rain when they left.

15 thoughts on “Roofers Are Done

  1. Nice roof. A metal roof is twice the price of asphalt shingles in south GA on a new build if the backside southern view is configured for solar panels. I am going with an inverter to power the house and workshop. It also looks like I will be using the Generac power cells. Short of designing battery banks from scratch the Generac battery system is multi-level stackable. The other systems I have researched the power cells are limited to only one or quad additional cell and they are more expensive for the storage. I am still researching the solar panels. A new jump in technology occurred in the past year with the panels. The new panel is the roof shingle that is more efficient that the current “Best” technology. It also has an estimated degradation to 75% in 30 years with is 4 to 8 years longer than the older panels. I am still crunching the numbers.

    • Have you looked at Enphase systems for both solar and batteries? They put inverters on the panels and on each 3KWhr battery pack so you can stack more capacity easily, and you are only wiring for 240V AC, no DC in play at all and no single inverter as a point of failure. They can support an external generator as well for a full fault tolerant off-grid system (or to operate during bad weather even with the grid down).

      • They are good for a do-it-yourselfer but a bit expensive. Back in 08 when I was doing Satcom install, the company I worked for sent me off to Kohler’s genset/inverter/solar panel class. It was how to re-strap and install generators and install a solar panel array to charge batteries to feed an inverter that would provide off grid power. At the time Kohler had the most expandable inverter banks and is expensive as well but it a system where you can easily mix components. With the Generac system once you go with their inverter you must use their battery pacs. The same goes for Tesla but Tesla also requires you to use their panels.

  2. Well done, Tex. Be glad you didn’t have to deal with an HOA on paint colors. We painted our house and the kid’s house in the past two years-different HOA’s, but same picky bullshit. One didn’t even know their own rules-told ’em I what I was gonna do and if they didn’t like I’d see ’em in court. Never heard from the morons again.

  3. GREAT job! Well, you don’t have to worry much about hail damage! Metal roofs are common out here, and one of the houses in this ‘hood has one.

    Nice lookin’ domicile there, Ex!

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