The FBI Does A Panty Raid At Trump’s

Truth be told, the raid was really about getting into Melania’s panties…Creepy Joe was runnin’ low on items to sniff, but did not count on finding so many trannies inside the Federal Bureau of Underwear.

Hey Frank…nice hat!

Thanks! Like my slingbacks?

To die for!

Check out Jimmie’s sarong!

Wow! It really makes his ass look bigger!

How ’bout them Capri pants!

Nice! except for the hairy legs!

Looks like Alex is wearing his padded bra again!

Oh hell…like we don’t know that…

I’m wearing the Merry Christmas panties…you?

I’m not wearing nothin’ under this!

‘gasp’. you slut!

Also, after a raid on Trump’s refrigerator…

Well, I was really hopin’ for a Subway or some leftover pizza, but settled on the Strupwafels..delish…

After going through Melania’s underwear drawer, several agents left the scene wearing what were thought were masks, but were in fact….panties….sheer ones, lacy ones, ventilated panel ones, with and without hearts, and thongs..

All involved in the panty drawer raid said they found nothing to confiscate, after sniffing sifting through the evidence..

above images from Eat Gruel Dog


5 thoughts on “The FBI Does A Panty Raid At Trump’s

  1. Melania needs to donate all of the clothes to charity. As far as the living area of Mar-a-Lago that should be a no-go. I would find somewhere else to live. Who knows what kind of high tech bugs were installed that are undetectable to the sweeping equipment.

  2. and now they expect us to believe trump had nuclear secrets in there. sex tapes i might believe, but nuclear secrets? nfw. they should at least TRY to make their planted evidence believable. these guys are evil geniuses, minus the genius.

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