3 thoughts on “Summer Of ’72

  1. Not one of my favorites. I have been into heavier rock. The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix with a healthy dose of Southern Rock and Roll was my driving forces.

    Screwed up day. I went to pick up my quarterly prescriptions as they were all supposed to be ready yesterday. I got the three clicks of battery death when I got in the wife’s 4 year old car. I tried the quick fix of 20 minutes on the charger and cranking to run the car for 15 minutes. That should have charged the battery – not. I had made my stop to pick up my meds and the car did the 3 clicks and nothing again on me. I had kept my foot on the brake and hit the start button again. I then heard a capacitor charging and it spun over jest enough to crank. I got home and after 4 hours on the charger I only had 11 volts in the battery. It cost $241 for a new battery. I didn’t need this the same month I replaced the tires.

    • It’s always something ain’t it? The wife’s car just threw a P051b engine code…tracks out to be a PVC valve issue…I cleared it, they went shopping yesterday, and it has not yet returned. Today, they’re off to SA.

  2. I was juuuust getting into FM “Underground Radio” then, and had my first car with an FM radio in it. We had some killer FM stations in the Chicago area back then.

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