Sunday The 14th

Last night I started feeling it…the beginning of a sinus infection. greatgreatgreatgreat

Not just the sniffles either..dammmit..Airborne and Benadryl are back on the menu today. I feel like I am talking in a well. I had to up the temp on the a/c as I was actually cold.

The girls left for SA for some shopping…whatever. I’ll likely sleep the afternoon away with all the peace and quiet.

My new neighbor called me yesterday, wanting to grind off some latches for his new fence he’s installing around his pool…yes; pool.

I gave him the sad story about why I don’t have a bench grinder, and we ended up clamping them in a vice and using a hacksaw, which worked fine. That reminds me, I’m gonna need a new vice too when I get that bench grinder.

A very low flying jet scared the shit out me as I was retrieving tools from my pickup. I never saw it, but I thought for sure it was gonna crash…guess the fbi read my militia article, and so now the provocation continues.

Maybe I’ll grab a couple of corn dogs, and chill.

I got nuthin’ else.

18 thoughts on “Sunday The 14th

  1. Moisten your mouth then suck on a zinc 30mg or 50mg tablet like it is a lozenge. Let the juices bathe the tissues in your mouth for 15 minutes before swallowing, then take a nap. Tell me how much better you feel when you wake up. Repeat daily as necessary. Or, cut the tablet in half and do it 2x/day. Don’t want to get too much zinc, but the first dose may make up for an already depleted level. If you otherwise normally take zinc then once you get over your sinus infection it is time to keep your daily intake at or below the level you need for your age/weight-you’ll need to do a little homework to figure out what maintenance level is best for you..

    I, the Sinus Infection Guy, have not had one since I started doing this at the first inkling of a scratchy throat. Haven’t had a cold in over 3 years also.

    Good luck!

  2. More on zinc:

    Dr. Paul Marik, one of the founders of the FLCCC doctor group that advocates a therapeutic approach to the Government Virus From China-and not the poison taken by needle-did some acclaimed breakthrough work several years ago on sepsis. One of the therapeutics he found that worked both as a preventative as well as a therapeutic is zinc. He used to have a 10 minute utube on the effectiveness and insanely low cost of zinc supplements-around a penny or two per tablet-he suggested they might as well just give the stuff away. By late spring of 2020 his video had been scrubbed by TPTB. Swoosh! Gone forever. He was later fired by his employer, a Virginia university/med school-and not for sniffing the hair of little girls. The guy tells the truth, tried not to rock the boat too much while advocating for patient health, but because he failed to toe the line he got sacked.

    To be clear, the FLCCC protocols emphasize the use of zinc for Government Virus. Plus, those guys were also one of the earliest adopters of ivermectin as both a preventative and a therapeutic.

    The very earliest proponent of zinc that I could find is George Eby, back in the 1970’s. Not a doctor, not a scientist, not a chemist: just an ordinary guy with a young daughter who was constantly battling colds due to an immature immune system that was degraded by chemotherapy treatments for her leukemia. The zinc tablet as a lozenge made her life a lot more tolerable.

  3. from the talk i hear on the street, the fibbies will have to land on every house. and just found out my neighbor used to be on the bomb squad šŸ™‚

  4. I have suffered sinus infections for many years. A friend told of a Neti Pot. I have used the Neti when I feel the onset of an infection. Using the Neti with the provided ‘salts’ and distilled water seem to help me flush the irritant out.

    Deacon in Louisiana

  5. Mega dose the vitamins and Flonase. Hit a doc-in-a-box for a steroid z-pack, upper respiratory antibiotics, and cough/congestion relief drug. I hope you are better soon.

  6. I had a runny nose 2 weeks ago, but only on the left side. Increased my vitamin c from 3000 mg per day to 4000 mg every 8 hours. Went away immediately. Wife had the same thing. Neither of us had the sinus issue. Good luck with it.

  7. Feel better Ex. I got some type of crud that comes and goes. Fine for hours, then runny nose and itchy eyes for about four hours then stops again. And again.

    Hope you are getting some needed rain, we are FINALLY getting some wet stuff. Whitewing dove season must be just around the corner … :^)

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