Raining Today

The forecast indicates a high of 84 today, with rain on/off until 5 pm.

The rain and cooler temps are welcome.

Removing the lattice over the patio, now has left our umbrella table free to parachute around the patio. I had it tied down nicely, but it seems that during my naptimes, the girls move shit around. They removed my extra cord tying the umbrella closed, and opened it. I hope they figured out to screw the pole down into the weight.

I am only slightly better today, hardly enough to brag about.

Tomorrow is my scheduled trip for grocery shopping, but doubt if I’ll be up for it.

I napped 5 hours yesterday, and went to bed at 2 am…that’s a record for me in in the past few years. Those Benadryl really knock me out…the bad thing is the cottonmouth.

Many thanks to all with suggestions on the cure.

I ate like a horse yesterday, after I got up.

My brother returned yesterday from his 5900 mile road trip on his bike; North Dakota, Montana, and west to Portland where his son lives, and back again. He said they hit no rain during their travels. He rides a full blown Indian motorcycle, after a couple of Harley Davidson bikes, he moved to the Indian.

I guess I’m gonna rest and enjoy the rain today.

10 thoughts on “Raining Today

  1. Don’t ever go to sleep when there is more than one woman in the house. Half the time I think their “projects” are done mainly to annoy you.

  2. I have 2 Harleys. I have a first year model 96 XL1200S also known as the Sportster Sport. I put it in a crate in 2004 with plans of pulling it back out in 2025 to rebuild it. I turned it into a go-stupid-quick bike back in the day and I have all the parts to drop the engine size back to 74 ci and take the wide tire kit off the back end to get it close to stock again.

    The other is my daily driver. It is a 2006 FLHTI ElectraGlide Standard. I have done the paint job, added a Sony radio, cruise control, LED lighting, Air Zeppelin heated seat, and a full size tourpack. It has a Stage II tune that includes the Screaming Eagle air cleaner, performance slip-on fishtail mufflers, a high torque cam set, and a performance tuner. The only thing I wish I had was the 6 speed transmission. I put 6k miles on it last year but Kung Flu messed up my equilibrium and I have only tried to ride once since last September. My balance has got to get better before I ride again.

    If something happens to either one of them I would replace them with Indians. I go to Bikeweek or Biketoberfest in Daytona about every other year. I make it a point to ride all of the demo Harley and Indian models. The Indian’s cost a little more but they are a far superior bike. The Scout outshines the Sportster in every department. The Chieftain has a better fit and finish and outshines the ElectraGlide Classic in handling and comfort. The Chieftain has a better radio and the controls are easier to manipulate. The clutch lever is easier to pull on the Indians.

      • When Indian was using the S&S engines I knew they were in a nosedive. The Bottlecap engine came too late and Indian died in 2003. I remember this because I was going to make the trek across the city to buy a Chief in the fall of 2003 but found out Indian MC of America filed for bankruptcy before I could do it. I wasn’t impressed with the Harley Twin Cam because of issues that motor was having. when Indian was resurrected in 2006 I had my ElectraGlide for about 8 months. Indian had the new “PowerPlus” engine that was more powerful than the Harley TC 88. When Indian got sold to Polaris I knew they would be around for a while when the Victory brand was killed off. The new Indian engine was a “Thunder Stroke” engine. My initial evaluation was that the “Thunder Stroke” engine had a lot of valve noise above 3k rpm. When the water cooled Scout came out it also had a very noisy valve train above 3k RPM. On both in top gear 3K was about 70 mph. Both have been refined a bit and the noisy valve train does not come on until you get over 3500 RPM. It doesn’t seem to be a problem as the Polaris Indian engines have had few problems and they make more power than their competition at Harley.

      • When they went larger than the 88 ci Harley changed the clutch. It is a much harder pull. Your brother is correct as there might be a substantial change once in a decade.

        BTW: Laptop died last night and I am on my iPad until I get a replacement

      • One of the things that bugged him was the lack of wireless to do firmware updates. The Indian uses wireless, but at the time, Harley used a hardwire update system. He hated that.

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