Still Not 100%

Besides the fact that my Firefox browser keeps crashing, things are peachy..not really..

I always use butter. I cannot remember the last time I purchased margarine…at least 20 years. I keep at least 15 lbs of butter in the freezer always. We seem to go through it quite rapidly.

margarine ingredients

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butter ingredients

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As The Chief would say “‘Nuff said!”

I went to bed earlier, and tossed and turned for hours last night, before finally getting up around 8 and showering. Still not up enough to hit the store; mostly because of my newfound bowel habits… don’t wanna know. This has been going on now for a month. dammit…Imodium AD, is my newest friend.

I was reading Big Country and his woes about rescuing the granddaughter…what a mess…makes my problems seem small compared to his. Child custody battles, even in a backwater state like Tennessee (and most others), will likely favor the parents despite flunking drug tests by the parents…holy shit…unbelievable..Similar story from a former blogger amongst us..Stephen with “outside looking in” a few years ago, ended without a favorable solution…often times the grandparents are left out of the loop with the grandchildren, and are forgotten, and kicked to the side…

In today’s world of demorat pedophiles, and their blatant obvious disregard for children’s welfare, the only long term solution is to rid ourselves of the corruption in the judicial system…

I do not have grandchildren…my oldest just got divorced, after not even two years of marrying a Diva. That trip to Colorado cost me 2 grand; much of it gifts which he was not able to retain.

I forgot my proton mail password, and to reset it, I lost all the encryption keys to any and all emails I received. greatgreatgreatgreat

The high temps have been replaced with 90s for the time being; hopefully, this trend will continue into the fall. I have had enough of high 90s and 100s. A bit of rain brought some relief for now, but historically, September is usually hot as hell here. Wyoming is looking better and better…oh look; there’s one for 13 million…geez.

I went to the deep freeze to dig out something for dinner, when to my dismay, someone else crammed their crap into the already crammed full freezer…why oh why would they do this? Chest freezers are problematic in that stuff not used frequently, eventually makes its way to the bottom; the larger the freezer, the more shit you have that disappears…and I’m going back to the store? what the hell am I thinking?

I just Food Savered 12 lbs of pinto beans, and I have another 12 lbs now to do same. I put up all the flour as well, and the 10lbs of ground beef. More flour needed as well.


I did not get to the store today either. The last time I pushed it, and went back to my normal routine, i got a relapse, which lasted an extra week. Nope. home again home again jiggety jig. A bird in the hand and all that…


10 thoughts on “Still Not 100%

  1. Boy, do I know that two step you have been preforming lately. Sucks bilge water believe me! You would think your bowels would have had ample time to learn to work right and be iron clad in their delivery

  2. Hey, X, you wouldn’t have just started taking melatonin, …or anything with melatonin in it; would you? That stuff can cause EPIC squirts! ‘Does this to some people while leaving others perfectly fine. I started taking that stuff to help me sleep. It worked great… except… after about two weeks I was hovering over a Hershey’s water jet over the throne. This went on for several weeks. Along the way I found out about this side effect of melatonin. I stopped taking it. About two weeks passed before my Jell-O started to set.

    If this isn’t the case for you, you might want to have your doc do a stool sample. You might have eaten a parasite…

    • I don’t use melatonin regularly. The wife has used it so much, she is nearly immune to its effects, and needs stronger sleep aids.
      I cannot imagine what I may have eaten that caused this affliction…
      One thing for sure, I don’t need my fiber supplement powder any more…
      I hate going to the doc…I have not been since the Medicare started; well once. and all that fucker wanted to do was to send me to half dozen other docs…fuck that.

  3. Well done, Tex.

    1) Butter was castigated many years ago just like the “unhealthy” egg-too much of the wrong kind of fat the “scientists” say. About 10 years ago was at a Nutrition class with Wifey and the sweet young thing teaching us said hey, don’t go without butter-it’s okay to eat. Haven’t touched Blue Bonnet since. Would not surprise me to find out b gates has the margarine franchise all tied up. Trivia: I worked one summer in the last creamery in town-very interesting experience with a lot to learn; helped make tons and tons of butter. Cow farts, my ass. Also worked for a dairy farmer-nothing like getting splattered in the milking parlor when you least expect it; first thing you learn is to stay away from Daisy’s hind side as much as you can-particularly if she is a kicker. There were times when I’d get between the rumps of 2 cows and they would start squeezing me-that was time for a swift knee into one of ’em as long as they didn’t yet have the milker hooked up-you don’t want to start a riot when you are in the midst of 12 of those big girls.

    2) My story about grandparents trying to get custody of their grandchildren. Ran into an ex-coworker at the lumber yard about 20 years ago. Hispanic guy from “down in the valley”-a place that sent us many dedicated, hard workers; a good reason not to go off on Spanish Speakers-hell, his ancestors intermingled with the Conquistadors 500 years ago-he didn’t need to swim across no fucking river. Lupe didn’t go into much detail other than to say he and his wife had been fighting a losing and expensive battle with the county child protection morons. Cost him $70K and they did not get custody. I’m guessing that probably was the entire life savings he intended to use in his retirement for a more comfortable living. And the assholes in government wonder why so many people are ready to lynch every last one of ’em.

    There is something about grandchildren that especially affects mothers: they are plum worn out from raising their own little rug-rats but when grandkids are born the worn out mothers get energized with the new little ones since they don’t have to be there for them 24/7. Happens darn near every time. At least that’s my theory.

    3) Late night potty trips: milk and yogurt after 9pm are killers for my sleep. Like last night-was doing correspondence on a rush-rush job and took a break at midnight to grab a couple of big, fat strawberries and drown them in chocolate syrup. Finished them off with a swig of milk right out of the jug. Damn, up every 2 hours to go pee, just like clockwork. Just like going too far with a young lady when you were young, drinking even a little milk late at night is highly non-productive.

    4) When we moved 10 years ago we left our big 23 cubic foot chest freezer behind; Wifey was big on downsizing (something I never learned) and wanted a small 5 foot freezer just like “Mother and Daddy” had. That is a battle I won, though we settled on a 15 footer…..and the damn thing usually has no room for anything more. Only in ‘merica.

    Have a great weekend!

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