Aye, When It Rains, It Pours

After putting off my monthly trip to the big city for grocery shopping, I finally felt good enough to hit the road this morning. I was out the door before 8:30.

Historically, I used to hit the grocery store every Saturday at 6:30 am…yes, it’s true. Now that we live out in the boonies, my trips have been scaled down to once a month, as does my SS check; once a month.

I had planned to buy less, as I bought a couple hundred bucks from Sam’s online, and Walmart dot com..my last item from Walmart dot com arrived yesterday, late. The box was beat to shit, and had been ripped open, and then very poorly retaped. It was missing a part. The time in question is a manual crank meat tenderizer…it arrived without the crank.

Even though it was through Walmart dot com, the return address for the shipper showed an apartment # in Denver…no wonder it was fucked up.

I am done taking shit from the big corps. I am going to hound these dogs until I get satisfaction; one way or ‘nuther.

I actually used the tenderizer today on a few of those rib eye steaks I carved from that bargain boneless roast I bought a few weeks ago..it worked OK, but had to use vice grips to turn it through…

As usual, the sacker did not get a couple items sacked, but I was charged for them anyway. Same last trip. If it wasn’t a 40 mile round trip, I’d a gone back both times.

I used to have my cart mounded…MOUNDED high with groceries, and that ran about $330 a few months ago. Today, my cart was not near full; $307…yep, everything is up, and still a few items were unavailable; empty shelves and all.

My thinking is that if I get there early, I can forego all the slow shoppers, and all the rest the riff raff that accompanies grocery shopping; children who seem fascinated with running up and down the aisles screaming. Then more screaming when mom has enough and puts one in the car..I guess I’ll never get away from that…Friday is SNAP card day here.

Since my grocery trip took longer than I planned, I was able to get in to the liquor store as well.

Right now I am watching the weather as some ugly clouds are approaching from the southeast. Lightning and thunder too. I guess I should be glad I’m not out in it.

Oh well, at least I don’t feel like my head is full of chopped up cardboard today. I am sticking with my vitamins and supplements anyway…just to be sure.

I have much to Food Saver yet today, and other items to put up. I’d really like to can some more beef stew, but would require a trip to the bunkhouse freezer for the big sirloins.

We just had a close lightning hit, and the amplifier here in the kitchen is now dead. Power indicator is lit, but will not turn on.  CD player is working…turntable LED is blinking…greatgreatgreatgreat

Gotta go…

It’s always something..

8 thoughts on “Aye, When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Glad you are up and about. Food prices are up here also. Two plastic grocery sacks at walmart the other day was $94. On a better note though, I was able to put almost 14 gallons of gas in my dakota for only $59.34. Paid $4.45 gallon for 87 octane. And that is the best price around. Here anyway.

  2. I am eating my food supply down in prep for the move in October. I am in the process of replacing the bull nose molding on my upstairs window sashes. The only bullnose available is 3/8” taller and 5/8” shorter than what came with the house. I made it work with a lot of trimming and agrivstion.

    To add to my agrivation

  3. F’ing iPad! I just spent ten minutes on a post when I clicked on post comment the screen refreshed.

    We are trying to eat down our food supply as we are planning to move in October. I am doing so home repairs and I am currently replacing the bull nose on the upstairs window sashes. The replacement bull noses are 3/8” taller and 5/8” shorter than the originals. I have made it work with a lot of stress.

    Then the day goes to shit. I am retired senior NCO and I have my coffee cup. One of the unwritten rules in the military is you do not touch the Master Sargent’s coffee cup. My wife took my well stained coffee cup and put bleach in it to clean it. I tried washing it out but it was useless. I ceremoniously opened the trash drawer and took my hammer and broke that SOB because coffee would never taste right out of it again. The wife has given me a wide birth all day after the dressing down I gave her. It has been a shitty day.

    BTW: Once I get a working computer instead of the shitPad I am going to order a custom big-buck customized coffee cup.

    • Coffee drinking encompasses several “don’t touch” scenarios…for sure, don’t touch my
      1. coffee cup; ever. I’ll wash it myself when I think it’s necessary
      2. coffee…never mess with a man’s coffee stash
      3. filters…don’t touch…mine, all mine no reason for any one to mess with ’em
      4. grinder…never touch and NEVER clean mine…

      • Here’s something odd: at the supermarket the other day there were NO regular drip coffee filters. None. I usually buy the generic brown (unbleached) ones. They had plenty of the filter CONE types. So I had to buy those and trim the tops off with scissors to fit the drip style. Not a major complaint or like it’s hard labor. But what the heck – – are people stocking up on coffee filters now? Why? Guess Ima gonna have to start hoarding coffee (always have extra on hand) and FILTERS(?) Where’s that SMOD? 🙂

      • Not a bad idea…a few years ago, I bought 5000 filters from Sam’s. They were too tall for my drip coffee makers, but as you said, just trim the top and we’re good to go.

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