Still 21 Days

Man, what a nightmare.

I went to bed at 3 am, and did not sleep a wink. My undersized bladder made me get up at 7, so I took care of that, showered, and prepared for my trip to the big city. Ordinarily, I like to leave at around 8:30, getting to the store by 9, do my shopping, and finish 10 in time to get to the liquor store when they open.

Today however, not so much.

After I opened the gate on the driveway, I was greeted with this

that’s my driveway on the left…the next one is taken from my driveway into the street.

the goddam kittycats got into the kid’s trash, and spread it all over the street, our ditch, the neighbor’s ditch, and on up the street.

I kicked some of the trash out of the middle of the street, and cars were swerving to avoid it. I texted the kid saying “clean this shit up now; neighbor’s too”…paraphrased.

Upon my return, most of it was picked up; MOST…

So, back to the store adventure…completely out of Ranch Style beans w/jalepenos…just like last month…matter of fact, they store revamped the bean aisle, by shortening the aisle..likely because so many product in said aisle are no longer available.

No a drop of whipping cream…all the racks were empty; full blown, fat free, quarts, pints, half pints you name it, nada. I had to settle for 2 half gallons of half/half…I intensely dislike ‘settling’.

I completely forgot about getting corn dogs, even though they were on my list. And what was worse, I forgot getting a bag of onions too. That will put a damper on my plans for lasagna tonight. Forgot the lemons too.

Eggs were $7 for a 36 pack…seemed much higher than usual.

I found some really good French fries at my last trip, and got a small bag. Even the wife liked them, so I was gonna get a 5 pounder. This trip, nada. The racks were empty. I forgot my Jimmy dean sausage too, which is also used in my lasagna. %$%^&*(&^%$$##

I will have to go to the local store to get the onions and corn dogs. I should be going right now, so as not to crimp my time parameters.Since I got little sleep, my nap will probably hit me hard around 4. yawn…man do I hate making another trip…since I am not a slave to fashion, I’m sure I’ll get looks as I saunter into the store in my gray t-shirt, lime green cargo shorts, black socks, and house shoes. If I were in the big city, I’d be prime target for a mugging; or at least public ridicule.

Geez, I guess I better suck it up and get ‘er done.

It seems I have enough onion for my prize pico de gallo; at least I got something working for me.


10 thoughts on “Still 21 Days

  1. Finish a glass of brandy a half hour before bedtime will do wonders to improve bladder issues through the night.

    I grocery shop by “the list” but the weekly adds are usually what drives the menus. Italian Sausage was on sell during the last grocery trip. I made a batch of meatballs and about a dozen Roma tomatoes for marinara that I served over thin spaghetti. I have seen some shortages but not many. I live between 2 Publix grocery stores. One is geared towards the retirement community as its target market. The other has a target market geared towards the traditionally suburban family. They were both out of the store brand whole mild except for the high priced Pet brand. Then there is the Aldi brand of milk that is almost half price of the Publix brand.

    • The kid has four in the bunkhouse. My wife feeds four, and there is a new brood of feral cats…so 12 maybe? I saw yet another before unseen kittycat last night on my patio table looking for food…the word is out.

  2. I’ve found that cats, and racoons, will band together to enjoy the fruits of overturning a trash can. Traps can catch them, but judging by the mess, you will have to set many, or one for many nights.

    • Usually, if it’s raccoons, they go after the bird feeders with vigor; I haven’t seen that yet. My wife says I jump to conclusions too easily. She may be right. The problem with traps is that I’ll likely catch one of “ours” at least once.

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