20 Days Left

I made my quick trip to town to get the onions and corn dogs. I quizzed the self checkout helper at the store about their new “going digital” policy. No way around it. Gotta sign up with an account, download the app (a Google app), to get the extra discounts. Even so, their 10lb of ground beef roll is $3.29lb without the discount; it’s still cheaper than the bigger grocery store, which gets $6 a pound for ground chuck.

I just told her that I was not going to intentionally subject myself to allow Google to track my grocery purchases.

So, I came home and made lasagna. It’s been a while. I used to always buy a couple cans of button mushrooms when I made this years ago. I could not find any (canned) at the store yesterday, but I did use a can of chunky portobello mushrooms, and another of pieces and stems. It’s very good.

Today, I am finishing up the grocery trip by making a batch of pico de gallo, potato salad, canning the huge bag of frozen corn kernels, and putting up the meat I bought. The pork loin roast will be carved into thin chops, and frozen.

Speaking of donuts, I haven’t had any for years. The kid thought she was doing me a favor a few weeks ago, and bought a donut for me. The truth is, I love ’em, but they are so bad for me..and you…and everyone else. I pulled that donut out of the little bag, and discovered it was a cherry filled donut, which woulda been excellent…however,’twasn’t. I took a huge bite, and expecting a burst of cherry pie filling, I got a mouthful of some kind of chocolate pudding; thought I was gonna die.

It took me longer to clean that sticky stuff out of my facial hair, than it took me to…I dunno, but it took several wet paper towels.

What’s the point? no point. I prefer the old fashioned cake donuts with coffee sose I can dunk ’em. Oh man that is truly joy unbounded. Chocolate covered with sprinkles? keep ’em. Glazed? only if they’re fresh off the assembly line. Coconut? powder sugar? nah, I’ll wait. Apple fritters I can be talked into. A bear claw, well OK…but that’s just me.

OK so I finished the pico de gallo, and got the meat put away, and now working on the canning of the corn. The frozen bag of corn I bought only filled 4 pints, so be it. I now wait for the canner to come up to steam. When that gets going, I’ll to the potato salad.

My last day of antibiotics is today, back to outside projects either tomorrow, or the next day.

The temps are back into the mid 90s, so so much for fall peeking around the corner.

10 thoughts on “20 Days Left

  1. Don’t you just hate when you have your mouth set on something, but when you bite into it it was not what you were expecting?

    Same with beverages. You are expecting unsweetened tea and get sweet tea or vice versa. Or Coke instead of Pepsi.

  2. I use an old cell phone for grocery store apps. The wife and I will add grocery items to the app on the old phone in the kitchen bowl. The wifi works and it does not have a sim so the GPS function doesn’t work. I am all about fresh mushrooms. I have a military buddy that has 5 acres with his house on one. The other 4 has climate controlled green houses that grows white and Portobello mushrooms. He has about 30 people working for him and he ships a 32′ refer box truck out daily to various grocery store distribution centers. He supplies 4 of the 5 grocery stores that are within 5 miles of the house.

    Back in the day I liked the creamed filled donuts. I haven’t had a donut in over a decade. I preferred krispy-kreme for donuts and Duncan for coffee

    • Krispy Creme donuts are very good when they’re fresh.
      Back in the summer of ’02, I was working for a company that was replacing all their computers across the nation. This trip was at a new store in St Louis, and we went over the to Krispy Creme across the street…absolutely no customers there, and the lady running the “sugar waterfall” gave us two boxes of donut holes fresh off the line, at no charge. Hard to beat.

      • Back when I was in the Air Guard on Sunday morning I would have breakfast at the Waffle House and pick up a box of Krispy Creme for my team. Back when the Gold Club in operation the strippers would have a meal at that waffle house when they got off work. It could be very entertaining.

      • The Gold Club had ties to the Gambino crime family. Many of the ladies working there were centerfold quality. I had a buddy that worked there one night a week as a DJ. He would clear $1500-2000 for a 6 hour shift from 9pm to 3am Friday night. He was the one that clued me in on where they went for the after work meal. I became the once a month regular in Air Force woodland uniform with Master Sargent stripes. They would always be about through with their meals when I got there

        About 5 or 6 months into me eating breakfast there three thugs had followed a couple of them from the club and had them cornered in the parking lot. I broke it up. They ended up buying my breakfast. The ladies became friendly where they would say good morning when I would walk in. It got to where they would pay their bill and wait for me to finish my breakfast and walk out to the parking lot with me. Another time 4 drunks were in a booth getting breakfast and there were two booths of strippers on the other end of the restaurant. I was sitting at the bar when the drunks got loud and were trying to get the attention of the ladies. The waitress went over to the drunks and told them I was a State Trooper going to my Guard drill. They got quiet and ate quickly to get out of there. Another free breakfast as the waitress comped me the meal. It all ended when the Gold Club got shut down in 2001.

  3. If I understand it correctly, Safeway is soon to go with the phone app only method of getting promotional pricing. Sucks. May be a good reason to (shudder) shop at Wally World for groceries.

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