19 Days To Go

I think..nope, it’s more like 12…I must be losing it. They are due here October 4.

I finished the antibiotics yesterday, so this morning, I began some light outside chores.

First off, I hung the brackets on the patio wall for her hanging baskets; there were five of them. Easy enough, I suppose but with the lattice gone as our patio shade, we now get direct sun out there, making it a wee bit warmer in the direct sun.

After, I sprayed the patio again with the Triazicide insect control, and soaked the patio with it. I had noticed some of the larger red ants hanging out, so bam!

I hauled out the trash to the barrel as well…it’s somethin’ that nobody else wants to do.

The canning of the corn went well, although I only got 4 pints with the “monster bag” of corn niblets..more bags for next time. After putting a pencil to it, I save very little by buying bulk corn niblets and canning them. The bag of corn was $2.78 and yielded 4 pints of corn. A can runs about 74 cents each, but still, the pint jars were a full 16 oz, unlike the cans which contain a lot of water..I can do same with green beans. I gotta justify it somehow.

So much more to do. After the rains, weeds now proliferate the ditch in front, the water leak still persists, some brush hauling to the never depleting pile, hanging the outdoor speakers and running the wire, and of course; the gate…the project that won’t go away.

At least, I think I am rid of the sinus infection, and that’s huge. With the steroids gone, I now am getting some sleep.

The hangup with the gate is that I have to first bust out the concrete that held the former post. I got lucky on the first one, but this hole is a bit deeper, and narrower towards the bottom. They cheated when this was installed, by cutting down the cedar post to fit the hole…’twas slightly larger than a tooth pick…yeah I know…been over this.

My plan is to use Big Lou, a heavy 5′ pry bar with a pointy end, and the other end is to strike with a heavy hammer. I have a short handled ‘striking hammer’ which is little more than a sledge hammer to pound Big Lou into the holes I made in the concrete hole, and try to break it out…no doubt, easier said than done. I should get that done before the outlaw invasion, or BIL will want to “help”, thus increasing the length of their stay.


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