11 Days Left

Today is gonna be brisket day. The kid got paid, and I told her I’d cook her a brisket if she bought it

She ended up with a market trimmed brisket (whole, but deckle removed) fro $35.

It’s in the oven now in a brown ‘n bag at 225°. About 8 hours oughta do it easily. I halved it, and put on some dry rub, and seared it in the 12″ cast iron for about 2 minutes per side, then into the bag with some bbq sauce smeared on top. Plus, I made a batch of my homemade bbq sauce for eating.

The wife was ecstatic to see the brackets for her hanging baskets up. She spent the afternoon building her baskets. She’s not finished yet.

I see that Ted Cruz bailed and jumped ship to support the media cartel bill..I guess he had something on Swillary too.

Got butter?


$4.77 per pound; unbelievable. It wasn’t that long ago when a pound of butter was $2.50.

I suggest you stock up and drop a few pounds in the freezer.

https://ammunitiontogo.com is having a 20% rebate on Winchester ammo, if you’re looking.

The wife picked up a 10lb roll of ground beef at the local grocer at $3.65/lb. She didn’t get the extra buck a pound off, but it’s still cheaper than the bigger grocery store. The kid also picked up three more bags of frozen corn kernels for me. More canning soon, after I Food Saver the ground beef.

Si Si Pedro

Back to the Food Saver…I was assured by Food Saver themselves, that their bags were the BEST! Hands down! No question about it!….lies…more lies…

My conclusion is that the Food Saver brand bags are  well, pretty much next to worthless, even though they cost more than the so-called generic rolls.

I packaged 7 bags of ground beef this morning, and as I watched the unit suck the air out of the bags of ground beef, when the vacuum process stopped, I saw the air seep back inside, thus negating the whole process for that bag. This happened twice, and had to cut them open and repackage them in a generic bag, which worked fine.

Certainly, the Food Saver has an option for “moist” seal, which only extends the time period in case some moisture (in this case, meat juices) get sucked towards the edge of the vacuum side of the bag, allowing more time for the unit to heat seal the edge.

I know not from where the leak happens, as it doesn’t happen every time it’s used…I have purchased my Food Saver rolls from Ebay, and they work fine; at least better than the more costly Food Saver brand rolls. There.

So, 7 packages of ground beef ranging in weight from 1 lb to 1 lb 14 oz. I am surprised at  how quickly we go through the ground beef. Perhaps we should get another, and put the packages in the bunkhouse freezer. I could always can them too. Ground beef; so very versatile.

I still have a 5 lb bag of flour that needs to be Food Savered too, and a box of cake mix. Both have been in the deep freeze since Tuesday. However, will have to get some more larger Food Saver bags for the flour.

It’s always something.

8 thoughts on “11 Days Left

  1. Didn’t get the extra dollar off ground beef because the boss didn’t play the new game with her phone? When I’m getting screwed by the grocery playing games I will usually ask the checker if I can get the more favorable price because something went wrong with their “digital” platform. They usually give me what I want. Hell, I have even had two instances at Wally World where I mention the shelf’s price tag is lower than what the item rung up at; they ask what the tag price was and give it to me right on the spot. One purchase was for over $100 of LED shop lights that had jumped over 30% in price at the register. If you don’t ask you don’t get (or as Bubba in the penitentiary says, “Bend over and like it”.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the butter. We are down to a pound and a half and I was planning to get anther 3 pound package next week. I will get a few more.

    I got stew in the crock pot. It is the other half of the bottom round roast that I had last week. The wife was complaining about her computer cord and I went to the basement to get a velcro tie where I noticed a small puddle of water. The kitchen faucet has a pinhole leak in the center supply hose. It is only 6 years old and Pfister has a 10 year warranty. I contacted them and the hose is covered for 5 years and it was a limited run on that style of connector then discontinued. Not freaking available! The service rep did give me a 35% discount code to be used on a replacement if I ordered it online.

    It took 3 hours to remove and replace with a Delta faucet I got from Lowe’s. It was harder to get the old one out than to put the new one in. Pfuck the faucet with the pfunny name. My only complaint is that the new faucet was missing the documentation. It wasn’t on Delta’s web page but I did learn that it is a Lowe’s only model. I found the documentation on the Lowe’s web page. It is a good thing I looked at it because I had a rubber washer in upside down. It probably would have worked but it is right now.

    The particle board flooring under the sink is ruined. I will save that for tomorrow as my back is screaming at me to stop.

    • I have gotten to really hate kitchen or bathroom faucet replacement. I totally hear you about your back screaming for help.
      I recall having to replace the flooring under the kitchen sink when we sold the house in the RGV. Years earlier, I just cut a piece of 3/16 plywood to fit, and painted it…
      When I ripped it all out, it was disgusting; dead roaches (and live ones) and many yet undetermined colonies of fungus. Not to mention the roach droppings and mouse droppings…

      • I am a bit scared of what I am going to find under the particle board. Because of the warped particle board and the opening of the doors I will have to make the new floor into two or more pieces. I am thinking of two halves with a cutout for water and drain pipes that can be slipped back in with the right reliefs cut. I am also thinking about a 1 or 2 degree pitch from the back to the front so if leaks it will leak spilling out in front of the doors. And a good coating of a clear waterproofing urethane after I stain it red oak to match the cabinets.

        The beef stew was not good. I will be picking all of the meat out rinsing the gravy off it and dousing it down with my vinegar based BBQ sauce for BBQ sliders tomorrow. This is my recipe that won a pulled pork competition last century. It is better if it sits overnight. I have kept it in the fridge for over 6 months. I don’t think it could go bad.

        Vinegar BBQ Sauce
        2 gals water
        1 gal Apple cider vinegar
        2 heaping handfuls of crushed red pepper
        2 heaping handfuls of black pepper
        5 heaping handfuls of salt
        Bring to boil
        After brought to boil, add 3 gal of ketchup (or tomato sauce)
        Bring to boil again
        Remove from flame after brought to a boil the 2nd time (will get bitter if left on)
        Makes approx. 6 gallons, when it cools put it in 1 gallon containers and refrigerate.

      • I have some friends that are going to a BBQ competition next weekend. I make their vinegar sauce that they use on pulled pork and chicken. I will make two more batches about every three weeks for them. They compete in the rib competition but sell pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches to fund the operation. It also works well as marinade on grilled chicken. I usually keep a quart. BTW: A heaping handful is 2.5 cups.

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