8 Days Left

A week from tomorrow is the day.

I have relapsed, through no fault of my own. Outa nowhere, the sinus infection came back yesterday during my afternoon nap.

I cut off the taped on insulation from the outside water pipe that has been leaking for 2 months. Further examination found the crack  in the pipe just above the ball valve that was replaced a couple years ago. With all the adapters and such, I deduced it was too much for me to mess with.

Try as I may, being as polite as I could, I was unable to get the plumber out here, so I called another this morning, and they’ll be here..anytime now.

I’ll need to return to the clinic and get some different antibiotics; likely tomorrow.

The wife and I are applying for an over 65 tax exemption on our property taxes. I see she has the form sitting here for me to sign. I strongly suggested to her that we get this done now to hopefully prevent our escrow payment from going up; thus increasing our monthly payment as well.

Plumbers are here..

12 thoughts on “8 Days Left

      • I am up to $280 on the fist leak. It was the supply hose to the kitchen sink faucet. Leak #2 is intermittent and minimal when it does leak there is no water damage.

      • Strait pipe. The electrician screwed a junction box into the blackwater discharge pipe. It has taken 30 years to rust out the screw. I will drill the hole and plug it with silicon.

        Wednesday I have to run to south GA to fix a bank foul-up. In have $40k in an account that has had no activity in over three years and the bank locked the account. It is a 3 hour trip to the closest branch It was an emergency account that is not useful anymore. I will get a cashiers check and do a direct deposit onto my USSA account.

      • The bank will be reluctant to let that go…should be interesting, unless you’ve made prior arrangements. That’ll eat up most of your day too; hope it goes well.

  1. That tax exemption really does help. When Mom was alive, her property tax was cut approximately by a 1/3. When she passed on a few years ago, her home, now mine and my brother’s went back to standard McAllen property tax. Yikes !

    I’ll be 60 my next birthday, so still have a bit of a wait waiting for that exemption (if I make it).

    Hope you are feeling better and that plumber fixes your issue.

    • The tax rates vary from county to county, I think. Everyone took a hit this year.
      heh…yep, lots of new things in store when you turn 65…some good; some not.
      I made another appt with the doc tomorrow. The meds almost knocked it out, but not quite.
      The plumber did a nice job of repairing the leak…
      once again life here is rolling in greased grooves.

  2. I use this stuff when I come back in from outside.


    I squirt in in both holes and snarkle a bit, then gently blow it out. I may do it twice or more if I feel it’s needed. It seems to have helped me clear out pollen and dirt. I figure it’s helped me avoid another sinus infection at least a couple times.

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