1 Week To Go

Like sands through the hourglass, so do the days of our lives…

One week from today, will begin the unwanted migration southward by SIL and BIL.

The wife keeps asking me

You’re not going to be mean, are you?

I don’t feel well enough to be mean, but I do have my collapsible baton close by, in case I get riled.

I just wanna spend time with my sister.

It’s not your sister; it’s the baggage that comes with her.

OK, enough of that.

The plumber came by and repaired the leaky pipe. He ended up cutting the whole sombitch off, and replacing all the gizmos and odd fittings to just a plain ol’ hunk of 3/4″ PVC, and the ball valve. I asked him to leave off the hose bib, and he agreed that it was likely an extra “tug” on the water hose, that cracked the pipe…the $284 tug..

My sinus infection is back, and have made an appt with the clinic tomorrow. My illness does not seem to affect anyone’s decision about the impending invasion, however.

I woke up today to find the outside temp at 52°. I woulda washed my truck, if I had felt better. Perfect weather for washing vehicles in the early morning. Maybe when they’re all gone to the beach, I can follow through with the truck.

I got nuthin’ else.


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