6 Days Left

I was up early today to make the 8:30 Doc appt. I showed up at 8:10 and got right into the exam room. Some doxycyclene today for a 3 week supply.

She also suggested an air purifier in the bedroom. Since the central a/c has been scrapped for the split mini, we no longer have good air filtration in the back part of the house; hence, a build up of dust seems to be my main enemy…huh! allergic to dust…damn! might as well be allergic to air..

She also mentioned pulling down the curtains and running them through the dryer with a wet towel to clean it.

If it comes back again, she added, I would be referred to an allergy specialist…great.

I actually lost 4 lbs since my last visit…

Now shopping for air purifiers.

I stopped at the local hardware store to burn a $10 coupon. I picked up some 1/2″ pipe insulation, and a couple bottles of Roebic septic tank treatment that supposedly eats everything in the tank, when used properly.

The pharmacy had my script ready by the time I got there, and on the way home, the wife’s car did it again. It started honking on the trip home…actually, the alarm goes off while driving; horn honks, and the headlights flash. I have to pull over, turn off the car and use the remote to turn the alarm on/off.

I am thinking it’s triggered by the stereo; even though I wasn’t playing it loud at all…no, really. Usually, the stereo has to be pretty loud to set it off…not today. It only happens to me, which is probably a good thing.

Looks like antibiotics are back on the menu, boys!

10 thoughts on “6 Days Left

  1. Keep up with the antibiotics. Dust is a bad enemy. I did that dryer thing last week, with some drapes. Seems to work. That was a new one on me.

  2. Have you tried a salt-water nasal rinse for the allergies? It helps with mine. Various was to do it from those netty pots and Navage.

    Here’s what works for me. I mix salt with warm water, just a small amount. I dip a half of a kleenex or TP into the salt water, roll it up, stick it up one nostril, close the other nostril by pressing it closed with my finger, then inhale the nose with the tissue in it. Remove it, toss it.

    Do the same thing with the other nostril. I usually do this before taking a shower. You have NO idea how much stuff clear out during the shower. Yeah it sounds gross but it works…..for me.

    I’ve tried saline solution nose rinses and they don’t work anywhere close to the above method.

    I’m also a huge believe in electrolites from Powerade or Gatorade. I mix half of the full grade stuff with water, otherwise way to sugary.
    Just a thought.

      • I use a Neti pot with their saline solution mix with room temperature distilled water when my sinuses act up. Then take the hottest shower I can stand and that will usually drain the sinuses. Then I take a shot of Flonase after the shower and 12 hours later.

        It a profitable 360 mile day with 8 hours of driving. I caught the last hour of rush hour traffic so it took an hour and forty minutes to get what should have been an hour away. The last two hours were in stop and go traffic that started at the one hour away point.. I almost had two accidents. One was a tractor trailer driver that did not understand the concept of a 4 way stop. The other was where two interstates merge and all of the traffic is running 60-65 mph except for a Red Challenger and a black Honda with fart-can exhaust that were running 20-25 mph faster than everybody else jumping from one lane to the other. The Honda barely missed the back end of my car when he went from the right lane behind me to move over 2 lanes to the lane on the left where he had to lock down his brakes to not hit the guy that was slightly in front of me in that left lane.

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