5 Days To Go

Apprehension, on edge, anxiety, uneasiness, dread, foreboding…pick one.

I ordered an air purifier to aid in the fight against the dust pollution…can’t hurt. As usual, the filters cost up the ying yang; that’s where they get ya. We’ll see what happens.

No noticeable improvement as of yet with the new antibiotics, nor do I expect to see any for a couple more days.

I did manage to sleep most of the day yesterday, as I plan to today.

I see Hurricane Ian is giving hell to Floridians. I hope all you folks in the area fair well through it. I’ve been through several, although I did not live on the coast for those storms.

I’m gonna whip up a small batch of Swiss Steak for dinner this evening in the little crock pot.

9 thoughts on “5 Days To Go

      • Destroyer of sinus infections… And covidiot and and and… NASA came up with the name universal antidote. The info is out there…. Just not on Google or any other corporate fucktard search… Be careful tho, it heals everything and it’s cheap so….ymmv. Healed my neighbors infection overnight after 3 different rounds of AB. Took me weeks to convince him, now he’s a believer.

      • I have a container of Chlorine Dioxide tablets in the pocket of my canteen holder on my military web belt. The tablets are designed to drop into the early 80’s plastic canteen to purify the water. Fill the canteen and drop in a tab. Wait a half hour and release air pressure at least twice in the half hour and supposedly the water is purified. I used Chlorine Dioxide tabs when I went through SERE school at Eglin AFB. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape is a bit of a falsehood. The Evasion is non-existent as they know where you are. Resistance is up to you. Escape is a myth. I went in the cage with a Coon-ass Cajun named Hebert that grew up in a Louisiana swamp and I grew up in the Okefenokee swamp. The land navigation and survival portion was a vacation as we both gained weight in the swaps of the cage. When they wanted us they picked us up as there was no evasion. After my SERE school I spent a week in the hospital and I light duty for 3 months afterward. They beat the shit out of me. If I ever run into one of the “opposition” I will go Mideavial on their asses.

  1. Yuppers, Gillette and their overpriced razor blades (remember the Blue Blade?), HP and their overpriced ink cartridges. Sell the product at cost and then they can charge whatever they want for their “consumables”. Kind of like OEM replacement parts from the new car dealer-the unique parts no one else sells. “Bend over, you might learn to like it”.

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