4 Days And Still Counting

The last day of September is today.

October 1 tomorrow, and the rest of the year will be filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s food, decorations, parties, advertising, TV specials.

I hate to jinx it but I have not yet seen any advertising related to Christmas…knocking on wood, because once it starts, it bombards us 24/7.

Back in the early 70s, I saw a huge Christmas tree at the local Montgomery Wards on Halloween; and I thought that was way too early. Any day now, ’twill begin.

I am still taking my meds by the book, and no noticeable improvement yet.

I did order an air purifier, and it is due in today. I’ll get that hooked up and running while it’s still warm from being in the mail truck.

As I look out to the south, I see the birdbath is empty, which means one thing; the other water troughs are empty.

Oh look at the deer! Oh there’s an Axis buck! Oh look at the cute little baby deers! cute, cute, cute.

Oh! the water troughs are empty!

Who me? I’m not gonna fill ’em!

Sigh. And so it goes.

The Swiss Steak had too many tomatoes, and not enough steak. Will learn.

Maybe tacos tonight. I gotta be sure there are no leftovers for the outlaws.



6 thoughts on “4 Days And Still Counting

    • I usually brown cube steaks in salt, pepper, and flour for 2 minutes per side, then into the crock pot. Pile on sliced onion and bell peppers, topped with diced tomatoes, and some beef broth. I used a large can of tomatoes this time, but was too much.

  1. Day 4, you say? Still time to have the Kid (she is artistic, isn’t she?) make some signs with the message “QUARANTINED BY ORDER OF CDC-DO NOT ENTER” and post them all over the place.

    • Hell, I could just lock the gate and change the padlock, and get out of Dodge…but I’d have to come back and face the music sometime. My mental health demands that I just deal with it…somehow…the wife is helping me do that..Everyone gets it that I have not been feeling well, so I am hoping to get some slack for that too.

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