3 Days To Go

The kid is off today and tomorrow…Unfortunately for her, the wife will have the kid doing chores in preparation for the invasion…

You know what I mean…clean the bathrooms; since the outlaws have more than once complained about the “short commode” in their private bathroom (which is my primary)..shhh..I am not allowed to speak of such things out loud…We’ll get to watch them traipse through the house to use the front bath, or even the master..they have zero scruples. Oh did I wake you? so sorry…I’ll be done in a minute…

Vacuuming,,,I shudder when either one of them use my Royal Dirt Devil upright…How many times have they run over the cord? Easy; just count the retape jobs on the cord.

The extra bed is covered with junk of the wife’s floral arranging…it is also covered with dust. The extra bedroom no longer has central a/c..There is absolutely no telling what BIL will bring to compensate.

As I said, the kid does not yet know what lies in wait for her today.

As for me, the wife has already indicated that “if I was up to it” I could hang some brackets outside for even more hanging baskets; this time with fake flowers. I’ll say nothing more about that disaster waiting to happen; i.e. the hanging baskets will be exposed to all the elements, especially wind.

The wife picked up some of that sirloin on sale at the local grocer at $4.99lb..it was very nice sirloin…I may have her get some more. I am making carne guisada with one of the slabs for my meals next week during the invasion.

Not really feeling a lot better today, and I think I’m gonna milk it until the outlaws have retreated to their domicile.

I installed the new air purifier on a stand close to where I sleep. Does it make a difference? Not that I can tell..so far. Maybe it’s all psychological…at least it has a nightlight.

The way our house is designed, one can only get to the extra bedroom through the master bedroom, or from outside. The outside door connects to the patio, where one can walk across the patio to the kitchen. Convenient right? not for them..oh, I don’t wanna have to put shoes on to go to the kitchen..I’d much rather bang and stumble through your bedroom…

Yeah, SIL said that..paraphrased, of course. SIL also loves to rifle through our cupboards and pantry…

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this.


6 thoughts on “3 Days To Go

  1. I have a Carne Guisada recipe that I got from a Puerto Rican friend of mine. Substitute the beef with chicken for Pollo Guisada which I like a bit better. It is very flavorful with a cooking base of sofrito, adobo, sazon, bay leaves, and olives. The wife does not care much for it as there are too many opposing flavors. That is winter comfort food.

  2. I’d order a couple dildos and some KY. Also a tube or two of Preparation H. Just salt them where ever she is prone to snoop. If I really wanted to offend her sensibilities, I’d get some homo dvds to put with them. If she mentions them, publicly ask her why she was searching through the house… I mean, if some one is looking for something, might as well help them out.

    My passive aggressive nature goes nuts if I give it half a chance…

    Good luck brother. And I think you idea to milk the sinus issue is warranted.

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