The Final Countdown

Yes it’s true. The last day of peace and quiet.

I was gonna get a haircut today from my new pal. We had an agreement where I would get in on First Monday. She only charges $10 on Mondays, as the real barber shops are closed on Mondays. I texted her Saturday evening, but have not heard back..I may have to find someone else. She seems to make her own hours, and they change almost daily.

So, it looks like I’ll be barber shopping.

Today, I got up and remember I was gonna haul those tools out to the wellhouse? Well, the battery  on my pickup was so dead, I couldn’t even unlock it with the remote. Even with the key, I could only get the passenger door unlocked and open.

So, out with the battery charger, and several trips back and forth from the house to the wellhouse, hauling tools.

The wife is going to be in a frenzy today, trying to do all the shit she wanted to get done at the last minute…trying to please her big sister, who doesn’t care; you should see her place…talk about clutter. 10 bucks says one could not find an electrical outlet in the whole place, as every square inch of wall space is covered with furniture, or some bullshit knick knack…I am happy to report that I have not been there in years.

I napped yesterday, and my sinuses went into major relapse again, with me feeling like I was having an asthma attack for several hours. I just don’t get it. Something in the bedroom; pillow, dust on the curtains, lil’ blanky, dunno. I do know this: those pissant antibiotics ain’t gonna get rid of it.

Whilst outside, I watched some axis deer turn away from the water troughs, as.. well, they were dry….again. I filled those, and the birdfeeders too as I made my trips hauling tools.

The wife picked up a couple more sirloins while I napped yesterday; very nice.

I am considering going back to bed for the day; or for as long as I can.

16 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. The local barber shop has bumped their prices up to $18 and changed the senior discount age from 60 to 65. I used to get a haircut every month but I am screeching it out to two months now. It is about half that on the military base but there is always a line.

    I have a Battery Tender hard wired in my truck. I have the 3 prong 115v plug sticking out just above the headlight. If I drive my truck I usually will plug it in when I get back or do it the next day. I have a power draw that will kill a fully charged battery in 6 to 8 days. For the past 5 months I have put about 500 miles on it. I only drive it when I need to haul something. I also keep a Battery Tender on the lawnmower and motorcycle. I have found that keeping them plugged in almost doubles the battery life.

    Top sirloin that are 5 to 7 pounds in a Cryobag were $6.99 on sale this morning where I passed on them. I have plenty of beef in the freezer. I did pick up two 1″ thick fresh ham steaks that were also on sale. I will do an apple juice brine on one of them tonight and throw it on the smoker tomorrow morning for a couple of hours at 160 degrees and then finish it off on the grill to get it up to 165 internally.

  2. Haven’t been to a barber in 45 years. Never could find one to cut the way I wanted it. Grew a ponytail and every now and then when the mood strikes me I cut off a few inches. Saved a lot of time and money in the process. When My hair gets too thin for the tail, I’ll start shaving my head.

    • I had considered that; growing it out. Wearing long hair causes a new set of issues; having to wash it more often, dealing with combing out gnarly kinks and the like. The last time my hair was long enough to wear in a pony tail was ’92. I found a picture of myself with the long hair, and it looked ridiculous; bald on top with shoulder length hair..I now request a “zero blade” when cutting my hair. Problem is, with very close cut hair, it looks shaggier sooner…whattayagonna do..

  3. My folks grew up in the Depression when it was challenging sometimes just to get by. There were 4 of us boys and Mom bought a hair clipper to save the buck that barbers charged in those days (never knew of a barber that charged just “2 bits”). Every other Saturday morning we’d have to sit in the high chair and get our buzz cut. I never questioned why Dad didn’t have to get in line also, but maybe it was because he was balding and had hair only the sides and a little on the back.

    Thinking about the different barbers I had over the years and the conclusion is most were weird in some way or another. My first barber-Wally Paschel-was a straight up family guy and neighbor who had a large shop with about 8 barbers; his chair was by the door, first in line-cost a buck for a decent haircut. We lived in a city that had lots of union influence, and barbershops were all union-or you wouldn’t be in business very long. It was said that whenever a rouge barber stayed open on Mondays when all the union shops were closed the guy’s shop would mysteriously catch on fire late some night.

    When I was a freshman in college the guys had mandatory ROTC and the only choice was Army ROTC. Class 2x/week and drill 1x/week. At the beginning of the drill was inspection-uniform, shoes, and the hair. The damn barber closest to campus knew how to cut just close enough for a cadet to get one and only one week out of that haircut. Early on I got a demerit on the second week after visiting the barber. The “officer” doing inspections was an upperclassman and I approached him after drill and told him I had my haircut just a week and a half ago and didn’t have time or money for a weekly haircut. He knew where I was coming from and took the demerit off my record. Learned to use the scissors after that.

    My barber jumped his rate from $16 to $24. But, he has the only true barbershop around for miles-all the others are what I call “Men’s Beauty Parlors” with high prices, no good magazines, and appointments are required. My wife used to do a pretty fair job when she’d give me a trim around the sides/back, but she never was satisfied with the results so quit doing it a long time ago. Sometimes I think the Caveman was in a lot of ways better off.

    • I always thought it was unfair that bald guys had to pay the same as a full head of hair guy. It takes my “barber” no more than five minutes, and she charges $20; $10 on Monday, since technically, she is not a barber…but a hair stylist. Barbers do shaving, which she does not, since that requires a different license.

  4. Bought a Wahl Haircutting Kit about ten years ago and cut my own. Since I have more bare area than hair, I just own the baldness and cut it all off. I used to put a #2 guard on the clipper for 1/8″ length, but anymore I just take it all of the way down without the guard. It paid for itself with the first two haircuts, and I don’t have to wait in line at the barber shop.

    I rarely drive my pickup, so I have a cable to connect to the output of my battery tender hard wired. I usually just run the truck about once a month to go get a burger or something, but just use the tender for a couple of days every three or four weeks in the winter. I have the same hookup on my riding mower so I’ll put the tender on it for several days at a time every few weeks when I’m not using it. My tender is also a desulfator and it does a nice job of extending battery life.

    • That has been the subject of much conversation here; cutting my own hair, or what’s left of it. It would definitely pay for itself here too after two cuttings.
      I’m gonna look into a battery tender too. The battery is relatively new, and the charger brought it back, although I haven’t started it yet..tell me, what kind of tender do you have?

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