Those Zany Characters, SIL & BIL

I am ready to put this BIL and SIL bullshit behind me, and I just found out one more tiny tidbit, that I felt I have to pass on to you…

BIL is Puerto Rican. His father owned land over there, and it was recently sold. Apparently he has 4 siblings that still live over there, and they sold the land, and gave BIL his share, which came out to $20 grand. Yep.

SIL is now planning a trip to Italy.

to brush up on her Italian? not

to visit some distant relatives over there? only if they’re giving her money

to check out the latest in fashion? not

to piss away someone else’s money? fuckin’ A!

Given that the extent of her culinary skills cooking Italian cuisine are limited to spaghetti, I would guess against any future cooking classes for SIL.

Interestingly enough, SIL was invited to do some lectures given her expertise and honorary Master Gardener certification…and again, the laughter.

The wife says SIL is very excited about it…I guess when the opportunity arises to spread bullshit, and show one’s complete ignorance of gardening…must be a heavy burden to bear..all that knowledge screaming to get out.

We frequently have food items that get overripe or go bad or no one eats them, and we cut them up and toss them out by the water troughs for the deer.

The wife dumped a gallon ziploc bag full of chopped up bread, some Cracker Jacks and the like, and dumped it out for the deer. Later, whilst speaking to one of the SILs, she noticed a rather large bird flying over…

As it turns out, ’twas a group of turkey vultures, gobbling up the tasty bread morsels..

Turkey Vultures: They don’t just eat carrion any more…

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8 thoughts on “Those Zany Characters, SIL & BIL

  1. If you have the money now is the time to go to Europe. I haven’t been since I was doing the satellite field engineer gig eight years ago. Right now a Delta flight from Atlanta to Rome is just over $400. The dollar is worth slightly more than a Euro. My wife and daughter have a trip planned to Amsterdam when the tulips will be in full bloom next spring. KLM had a companion fair deal where they have the “Comfort Plus” seats just under $800 for both seats for Boston to Amsterdam.

    If possible book your flight on Thursday afternoon and set your travel days to be Tuesday or Thursday. Years ago I had a Delta IT programmer tell me that the algorithm that calculates air fair where it looks at the last 52 weeks of air travel where it compares it with current bookings and processes at noon so Thursday evening will always have the cheapest rates. The travel days of Tuesday and Thursday are because those two days are the least busy in air travel.

      • Cambodia? That would be a hard no because of the rampant corruption and poor quality of life there. The neighboring countries of Thailand or Vietnam would be better choices especially if they have any medical issues. Both Thailand and Vietnam are promoting themselves as medical/dental vacation destinations.

        I have a buddy that took a buyout in 2012. He had been working as an Army contactor in Afghanistan for about 10 years and wanted to maintain his tax free status by staying out of the US for the rest of the year, He had 5 months to go. He bought a used twin sail 42′ sailboat in UAE that had 2 berths, full kitchen, shower/bathroom, a diesel engine for propulsion, and a small diesel generator. He sailed down to Oman then across the strait to Pakistan where he followed the coast making port every couple of days where he would check in and let the portmaster know his plan of staying overnight to continue on. He never stayed more than one night until he got to Thailand where he spent a month. He stopped in Cambodia and had to bribe the officials to let him back out. He spent a month in Vietnam. He has sailed all over Malesia, the PI, Indonesia, and down to Australia but he spent more time in Vietnam and Thailand for just over 6 years where he sold the sailboat in Australia. He told me that he spent less than $30k living on the boat for 6 years. He is in Tampa now where he is working and has a beautiful young Thai wife. He is currently here in Atlanta because of Ian. His company has a remote office here. I had lunch with him and his wife on Tuesday at one of the Thai restaurants near where I used to work. His wife looked at the menu and informed us she would order the meal. She said something in Thai to the waitress and she was taken back to the kitchen. I have had everything on that restaurants menu. Tuesday I had Thai food I have never had before and it was great.

      • BIL and SIL spent a month over there a few years ago. They thought it great, given the day to day cost of living..they were really looking at it seriously…I thought SIL would never shut up about what the food cost…usually, I just asked her how she liked the availability of squat holes, and she’d shut up.

    • Right you are…I have not forgotten that. Unfortunately, one never knows when/if they will actually go. Even if they do, they will return eventually.
      It seems to me that BIL still have several thousand dollars of dental work to get done over across the river from Old El Paso..

  2. @ EX
    “usually, I just asked her how she liked the availability of squat holes, and she’d shut up.”

    ROFL LMAO!!! Your sense of humor and mine are on the same level. Satire and Sarc are the best! 🙂

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