Friday, The 7th

Today’s ramble..

Although I have not been informed, the wife took one of the kittycats to the vet this morning. That is the only reason she would get up at 7:30 am. I’m not gonna ask, as I know it’s gonna cost $$$.

The kid is off today, and supposedly, she is getting the tires replaced on her the car. It’s 11:45, and she hasn’t left yet.

I am up to get my truck inspected sose I can get the license sticker for October. I have not felt up to driving to the big city and get that done. I made the mistake of telling the wife I would have preferred to wash my truck before taking it in, and now she wants me wash her car too.

I would do both if I felt better, and I hate to make things worse. I am thinking I may have some bronchial issues, as I am now wheezing from time to time.

Washing my truck is easier than washing her Escape, as hers as an acre of roof on it, that can only be washed by some fool (me) standing inside each open door to reach all the nooks and crannys on the roof…I guess I could just leave it alone; she is rather vertically challenged, and may not see the roof.. I’d be in for it later, no doubt.

The pickup is easy; just climb into the bed and wash the roof. In and out and done. I prefer to use a chamois to dry it off, and keep those pesky water spots from appearing.

I’m still looking at canning videos for potatoes and beef. It looks like the best way to go for taters is to get a 50lb sack or box; pretty much unavailable here, at least safely. Maybe best just to get them from the local grocery…or bite the bullet and drive the 100 mile round trip to Sam’s Club in SA. Of course, that trip would entail me spending $500 at the store, as so much is not available to ship.

So the kid dropped in on her way to the big city tire store for new shoes on the Hyundai. Looks like about $650 for Michelin tires plus whatever they charge now for “road hazard” insurance…Peace of mind, man; Peace of mind…for me too. Dang little car has 16″ wheels, according to Discount Tire site…I did  not know that.

Cloudy today, and the temp is still at 76° at 1:30 pm…nice. I’ve had the doors open since I fell out of bed at 9:00. The wife returned to bed after I got up.

Remember when you could buy a fresh pork butt for .99/lb? Those days are gone, man…$2.54/lb now. That’ll drive the price of tamales upwards. Get yours today!



10 thoughts on “Friday, The 7th

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I also need to get my truck inspected. I have a little more time as I need it done by early November and we don’t need no stinkin sticker.

    I still have 3 pork loins in the freezer from when I got them on sale for $1 a pound last January. I have plans for one of them to be smoked for pulled pork at a BBQ competition. The next one is the Firehouse BBQ Festival in Donalsonville GA next weekend way down in south GA. I might hold off till the end of the month when there will be a competition in Canton.

      • Same here but only in the metro Atlanta area on vehicles 3 to 20 years old. There are two Georgia’s. The Atlanta metro area and the rest of the state. The one outside the metro area there is no inspection of any type on vehicles. That is part of the reason I want out of the metro area. When I first moved to Atlanta I had a 17 year old F-150 4×4 that had a highly modified 400 small block. To get into emissions compliance would have cost a couple of thousand dollars and I couldn’t sell it locally. I traded it for a car that got good gas mileage which I regretted for all 6 years that I owned it.

        The next two are pork only GA BBQ Association competitions that round out the competition year. The one in November is a fundraiser event.

  2. I have one of those soft bristle brushes, with an extendable handle, made for RV’s that’s handy for the roof of the car. It makes it easier, but chamois duty requires opening the doors. I mix about a cup of vinegar per gallon of water to help prevent the white spots caused by minerals in my water, when I’m using the chamois.

  3. About every six months or so, the grocery store here runs a .99 lb sale on a 20 lb “Pork Lump”. (That’s what I call it)
    It has a butt, a couple of 4 bone center rib roasts and some various chops.
    Most of it’s end cuts and the such that don’t look good enough to sell outright.
    I bought one a few months ago, made the chops, cut the loin off the center cut (froze them) cooked the rib bones (%@$!# they were great!!!) and slow cooked, shredded and froze the butt . YUM !!!!
    Pork is the cheapest meat for me right now. There is always B1G1 sales. Chicken is almost priced out for me.

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