Saturday, The 8th

I have been enjoying my carne guisada tacos this week. I finished the last of it yesterday, and will likely make some more. Since no one else eats it, the entire batch is mine. With fresh made flour tortillas, breakfast tacos are hard to beat. I smear some refried beans on the tortilla, and then the guisada with some grated Cheddar, and heat them in the toaster oven. Somebody pinch me.

I thawed out another sirloin last night, and crammed the little crock pot full of onion, carrot, green pepper, and the browned, cubed sirloin. So full ’twas, I could not get the taters in, which was the main reason I was making stew; to finish off the taters. Oh well, I’ll put them in later as medallions, after the rest cooks down some.

The kid drove up with 4 brand spankin’ new Michelin tires yesterday afternoon. She was so proud. It’s the first major expenditure she has made on that car after I forget how many years she has been driving it.

Since I hate the only “classic rock” station available here, I am cornered into listening to the local classical station, which is Texas Public Radio out of San Antonio. As my luck would have it, they are a bunch of card carrying liberals, which receive Federal funding, in addition to their constant begging for more money.

I thought public radio was commercial free, but this station sees fit to frequently mention their “heavier donors”. That just irks me to no end. I won’t even get into their “science podcast” with a gal named Bonnie Petrie of “the Petrie Dish”. wow…how clever. How many nights did you stay up thinking up that one? I would like to know her qualifications that puts her in front enough to host such bullshit. Now they’re sending people to Uvalde, to determine whether or not rural Texas receives the mental health facilities needed…just gotta stir the shit don’t ya?

Wanna save some money? Cut back on your staffing. Criminy, you should see the number of people on the payroll at that place.

October is their annual membership drive, and it is heating up.

If you like, you can stream it too…88.3 San Antonio…KPAC

On weekends, I have to run Pandora on my laptop so i won’t have to listen to the extra bullshit programs they run. Unfortunately for me, the browser on my laptop crashes, killing everything playing, and must be restarted. I cannot it seem, keep more than two tabs open without the Firefox crash.

If the wife is awake, I’ll run Pandora on the stereo in the other room but the TV must be on; plus, I have to listen to the commercials…at least my ad blocker on the laptop keeps those pesky ads away.

I believe this dilemma falls under First World problems.

Slow day here for news.

I am considering not going to the grocery store on my next payday (gasp! what did you say?)

Yes, it’s true. I should make a major payment on my credit card, and just do without before it gets out of hand. Of course, I reserve the right to make a trip to Sam’s on a Saturday morning early.


Looks like I’m gonna have to go to a real doctor to clear this crap up. Man, do I hate to go that route.

19 thoughts on “Saturday, The 8th

  1. Have you tried iheartradio?
    I listen to that on my phone in the truck at work.

    You should be able to use your phone to Bluetooth it to the computer.

  2. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday dinner are leftover reduction meals. We are down to Swedish meatballs and green beans to finish tomorrow.

    I found a Dell computer monitor speaker system in some of the crap I was working on throwing out. Side project and the tool box now has music. The speakers are mounted and I have a 18 year old Ipod that I loaded back in 2006 with 16 Gig of music. There is only one playlist – random. It also will steam 96 Rock and 97 River which are two on-line rock stations in the ATL market.

    • I have a Dell surround sound speaker system, that I’ll likely trash, as the PC has a bad motherboard. In ’05, it was state of the art with a 20″ flat monitor, which is part of the speaker system. Too bad, but there is a bad slot on the motherboard for the video, that crapped out at 13 months. It’s a dual core XPS 400…was very fast at one time.
      The HD still has music on it from 15 years ago as well.

      • Dell has made some very good systems and some crap. The speakers I put in my toolbox sere designed to be mounted on the bottom of a CRT and were never used. My last laptop was a 7 year old Dell I5 Inspiron that the plastic case kept breaking apart. I can get it to work but the monitor has to be held together and pressure has to be applied at the bottom or half the screen goes black. The parts for a repair were within $100 of a replacement Inspiron running Win 10 Home. Back when I was a field engineer I had a Dell 610 laptop that was almost indestructible except for the hard drive. I would go through a HDD every 6 to 9 months. I kept all documents and data backed up on a jump drive and a bootable DVD with a Ghost image that I would update monthly. I got upgraded by the company in 2010 when the 610 was 5 years old and the company told me to dispose of the 610. I put Mint on it and it ran 24/7 as a print and media server until 3 years ago when the mother board died.

  3. Seriously, ditch Firefox. That beyotch is a friggin virus and runs a ton of crap behind the scene, which uses up resources and just causes your system to bog down, unless you are using ‘the latest and best’ system out there.

    As bad as we all hate Microsoft, MS Edge works very well and doesn’t use lots of system resources and is very stable.

    And browsers? All of them are rotten censoring pieces of garbage (yes, even Duck-Duck-Go) so I have found… MS Bing to be the easiest and least slanted browser. And for some strange reason it works well with any other MS program.

    • I run Linux. Firefox is the default browser. I have tried to install others, but it is beyond me. I have not run Windows since XP was no longer supported…since 2014?
      I refuse to use Google Chrome, for obvious reasons.

      • Hit the so called “start” button at the bottom left (Linux Mint logo). Go to administration, the software manager. Once it is running type “chromium” in the search bar and tell it to install after it goes to the page for that browser. This NOT the Chrome browser from Google, but is an open source descendant that is very similar in appearance and runs solidly for me.

        Brave is also another passable browser. Firefox has had lockup issues for at least six months now. I keep hoping that they will fix it, but so far no. Search “Brave browser” to go to their page. Download the Debian version.

        I also went to Linux when XP support ended. Bleep Bill Gates and Microsoft.

        Also, try . It is all free and there are a boatload of channels. I like it much better than Spotify or any of the others that I have tried.

  4. I heard about the chief engineer of an NPR radio station either in SA or in Houston that had “ground loop issues”. Usually that’s a wiring issue, but this esoteric magician determined it was from the equipment racks sitting on the floor. Music has to be perfect dontcha know. So, after due diligent research, he deducted that a lions-tigers-and-bears friendly, ethically poached rare earth hard wood from the Atlantian rain forest, harvested by gender neutral natives was THE solution. So they spent the GDP of a small continent on it, jacked up the racks and put in the mysterious insulators. I mean, they have to spend the budget or they won’t get more next year…. Probably just needed to use some q-tips on his own ears.

    Try KTRU-FM. I was their chief engineer for a couple months in the 90’s. When Arbitron released the ratings (The Book) their motto was “The Pope Pees Pink”. A fan favorite record was “F— Y–” repeated for five minutes with some rancid punk music for a side. It was requested every day… That college station was putrid. But it’s still probably better than The Glorious National Peoples Radio.

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