Monday, Nov 21

I got up from my afternoon nap yesterday, and walked towards the kitchen. I found the wife leisurely sitting in her living room chair, with her personal heater warming her feet, and a thick quilt covering the rest of her…

“Comfy?” I said in jest (mostly).

“I have some bad news for you” she began “very bad”.

If you heard that, how many images would be running through your mind?

I stopped in my tracks and sighed, wondering what deluge of negative possibilities could befall me…

“There is a dead deer over by your trailer” she said “a baby one”..

Well, being a baby was the good part of that story.

It was almost dark, as I donned my slippers, stocking hat, gloves, and flashlight, and I headed to the next to final resting place of the baby deer.

My first search around the trailer yielded nothing, causing me to wonder if she had gotten into my gummies. Two trips around the trailer, and no deer. So I traipsed back to the house and gave her what for.

Once again, I headed out; this trip with my sidekick…”Oh I guess it’s on the other side of the tree” she said, as we approached the trailer.

The tree shields the trailer from the sun on the RV pad, and sure enough, there it was.

It was dead all right, and it certainly was a very small deer.

I dragged it out to the brush line, and dropped it off, where the turkey vultures and likely kittycats will nipple nibble (did I say nipple?) on it.


I did not get a pic, given that I was wearing gloves, it was cold, and dark.

In my near 19 years of marriage to her, I have learned one thing…

no matter how sick I am, there are still some things that are set aside for me, and me alone to do; period. Add another to the list.

I doubt if the turkey vultures will be braving the cold. If it was summer, there would only be bones left by now.

Likely, its mama died, or it died of thirst, since the wife failed to fill the water troughs in a timely fashion; again.

Thus endeth the adventure.

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, I see the inside of my house turning into a side warehouse for Hobby Lobby.

Various sticks of green, holly, are all over with no place to go…glass vases of all colors, red and clear mostly.

Christmas trees of all sizes from those that fit in your hand, to one that will go on the wife’s piano.

Hunnerts of bulbs; all colors, shapes, and sizes are gathered in small see through boxes in every room, but not officially ‘placed’ yet.

Sterilite containers stacked one on top of another; usually three high here and there around the house…oh no, never use everything!!! we have to rotate our stock so we don’t have the same stuff out every year! My God man!

We were fine until the kid moved up.

I look at all this crap piling up and I am thinking…”this could all be rent money”

It’ll take 4 more weeks to get it all placed, then it’ll take 3 months to take it down, pack it up, and haul it out to the storeroom.

We got rid of our Christmas tree when we sold the house back in ’18. We have not needed one since…until…well, I dare not speak those words again.

I am still not smoking. It has been since November 12 when last I smoked.

My BS this morning was 125.

I just finished soaking my feet in peroxide and ACV.

Time for coffee.


12 thoughts on “Monday, Nov 21

  1. I had to re-read that part about BS until I figured out that you meant blood sugar. My first thought before re-reading was, well that might be lower than mine. I figure my BS ration is about 4 or 5 hundred at this point of my life.Not talking about sugar either.

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