The Day After-Nov 25

and still kickin’.

All went well yesterday, and even got to nap while the girls did the dishes…AND…and got two turkey sammiches…more on the way, as the kid has set her eyes on the rest of the white meat…good thing she had to work today, as I feel a turkey sammich cravin’ comin’ on.

I may just go and get a turkey breast, and a loaf of bread…just for me. Is that wrong?

I still want to make a trip to the local hardware store to burn my $10 coupon. Last day is tomorrow.

It was supposed to rain all afternoon, but the forecast has changed and the rain is now postponed until 5 pm.

I ain’t complainin’.

So, a day or two of leftovers, and we’re back to daily meal planning. The ribeye roast is back on sale at the local grocer at $5.99/lb. I’m gonna pass. I’m starting to get in the mood for chili and cornbread, if the nice, cooler weather keeps up.

The wife and I differ with chili, as I would guess everyone has their own idea of chili…mine does not include beans, and the wife’s idea does. I like mine rather hot, the wife does not. I like to bury my cornbread in chili, the wife does not.

I do agree that beans make the chili go further, and the right bean will yield an appropriate flavor addition…people get shot for less in this state…

I may concoct some tomatillo enchiladas with the leftover dark meat; also known as green chile enchiladas..or maybe turkey with fettuccine Alfredo..yeah, that could work. One could also make King Ranch Casserole with turkey instead of chicken..We just had that, so that won’t work here…back when my boys were small, I’d take leftover turkey with frozen tater tots in a casserole, top with a couple cans of drained French cut green beans, and some cream of mushroom soup poured over the top and bake..

I think the fettuccine will work the best…that would figure as I tossed out the grated Parmesan I had…it had a touch of mold. Alfredo sauce is the easiest stuff to make…all the fancy names scare everyone off…

Follow instructions on the fettuccine. Your Alfredo sauce consists of equal parts of

  1. heavy whipping cream…1/2 C
  2. butter…1 stick
  3. grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 C

On your stovetop, melt your butter together with your whipping cream, over low heat…add your grated Parm  and let it melt…add to your just cooked and drained (not rinsed) fettuccine, and toss…Your pals will think you part time at Olive Garden.

I have been known to toss cooked, cut up chicken into the sauce, just before adding to noodles..turkey will work too…

OK I’ve about stretched this out as much as I can..

what kind of gun is this?

image from Madd Medic


14 thoughts on “The Day After-Nov 25

  1. We ate at my nieces. It was all good, and they asked me to make the gravy like I did last year. I probed my brain, thought some more, and didn’t have any memory of the task, but accepted it with honors. They said it was good, and as much as I don’t remember how I made it in the past, I made it like I always make gravy, which took years to master.

    We didn’t take any leftovers home, since I couldn’t figure out how to roll my stuffed butt home with extra encumbrances.

  2. This is the third year in a row I have been banished from the kitchen while the wife and daughter prepare the Thanksgiving meal. The spice rub for an un-brined single turkey breast is not good. It is offensive to my palate. The fried onion green beans is a dish only my daughter likes. The wife screwed up the dressing by adding cream of chicken instead of cream of mushroom and the daughter overcooked it. The fruit ambrosia that my daughter likes and my wife and I tolerate is getting old. No sweat potato suflay. But there was the horrendous vegan pumpkin pie again. This is the last time I will suffer through this.

    X, you and I agree on chili. I arrived in ATL Hartsfield at 10:40m pm tonight and was home just before midnight. I have a pound of ground beef and a half of pork and veal that I laid out for some 2-beer chili. There are no beans but one beer is added to the cook and enough spices it takes another beer to get a bowl down. It is my grandmother’s recipe. She was all Texican but half Colorado Ute and half Scottish. Corn bread is required for any homeade soups or chili. Some times corn bread is a meal all unto itself with a bit of butter.

    Alfredo sauce is easy. For a variation add some prosciutto chunks for your fettuccine. Garlic sautéed shrimp also work well. When I was 20 I had an Italian girl friend I almost married and her mother taught me how to cook. Thank God she got pissed at me for some trivial matter and dumped me. She ended up with 6 kids.

    It looks like a stein with a drum magazine.

    • Oh man, that is why I stay in charge of cooking on Thanksgiving…too many cooks spoil the soup…it is so true…
      My brine was simple; our 14 pounder was done in 3 hours, I had to put a foil tent over it to keep it from over browning. I always stuff my birds, and we literally fought over the stuffing.
      I had stuff to make green bean cass, but no one likes it enough to finish it off as it does not reheat well.
      I did not do pumpkin pie this year as I got tire of throwing it away after one slice is cut out…
      No one else eats the apple pie so that baby is all mine.
      I’d be on strike or have a do over Thanksgiving…but that’s just me.

      • I have the Christmas meal in a few weeks. I will do a smoked turkey with a Cuban Mojo brine. The wife will get a chance to redeem herself with the dressing and I will have sweat potato soufflé, frenched green beans with toasted almonds, and apple strudel. The second day my daughter is here I will do a cowboy ribeye, bbq beans, and a shoe string French fry poutine. The first day will be something simple like a chicken veggy soup and salad.

  3. No, you are not wrong for buying a turkey breast for just sandwiches and such.

    My wife and I don’t like dark meat, so 2 7lbish turkey breasts yields 5 night’s dinners and extra for sandwiches and for pot pie.

    As to what Tony T-squared said, vegan pumpkin pie? Blech. PP needs eggs to set the custard/souffle correctly. Why do vegans have to screw up everything? As to flavoring a turkey/turkey breast, just a shake shake of ground pepper inside and out and a shake shake of poultry seasoning is enough to impart an excellent flavor.

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