Saturday Nov 26th

I was all buzzed up about getting to town and use my True Value coupon, so off I went at 8:30.

First stop was the local grocer as I need some coconut, and some pico de gallo fixin’s as well as a few tomatillos.

The store was near dead; only a few customers here and there.

I drove across the street to the auto parts store, to get a rear wiper blade for the wife’s car. It has been dilapidated badly so long that the rubber now hangs off the blade. A real PIA to replace. I was unable to remove the wiper from the car, so I had to dig around and find a video…still a PIA..

Next stop, the hardware store, where I picked up an assortment of air chuck accessories; air gun, extended length air chuck with air gage, and all accessories for the quick release for $22. Some more of that Roebic septic tank treatment, a brand spankin’ new faucet aireator for my bathroom sink…tired of that damned thing spraying outward instead of downward. By the way, those aireators are not a standard size.

I sauntered by the gun counter to find my buddy Thomas working. I discussed with him my problem with my chainsaw, and he just said to bring it in as it has a 5 year warranty.

I wasted no time in returning with my chainsaw. He said he’d call when ready.

I noticed that the engine light came on in the wife’s car too. I checked the code; it was  P0151, which cleared easily. Something to do with emissions control in the exhaust. Oh well, it cleared. She has a recall notice too for her car. Something about a bushing for the cable that is used to shift the transmission. The letter said to make an appt with dealer, and be prepared to sit half a day on one’s ass waiting to get something fixed that wasn’t your fault. The last time I took the car in for a recall, after I left the car began honking by itself randomly…still does that too.

So, I made my pico de gallo, and will soon have a batch of chile con queso as well.

After all my traipsing back and forth from the shed, I tracked mud into the house, and thus had to vacuum my mess.

I did attain my $50 expenditure at the hardware store to get my $10 off coupon…They sell pecans grown, picked, and shelled locally at the cashier stations for $15 a pound. That’s as good a deal as one will find anywhere. $22 for the air chuck accessories, $10 for the Roebic, $5 for the aireator, and $15 for the pecans, and I was gone; only to return later with my chainsaw. I don’t think it was as easy of a repair as he thought.

Anyway, that is what is happening here. I am currently roasting tomatillos for maybe some green enchiladas later…I shoulda got some Jack cheese..



7 thoughts on “Saturday Nov 26th

  1. P0151 is something to do with the o2 sensors if memory serves me. My past experience is if I just replace the one throwing the code in a week or two another o2 sensor will go out. I replace all of them. Back when the Ranger had about 120k on it the fuel mileage had dropped to 17 mpg and it still had the original o2 sensors. I put new o2 sensors in and it was back to 20 mpg.

    I have 2 chainsaws. A 30+ year old Poulan 25. It is on its second or third bar and has wore out a number of chains but it starts on the second pull almost every time. I inherited a Stihl from my father about 10 years ago. It still had part of the first tank of fuel in it where it had jelled. I cleaned it out but the carb was shot. I put a new carb on it and used it once to bun through 2 tanks of fuel cutting up a tree. I ran it dry and put it up. The following year I needed a saw. I could not get the Stihl to crank so I took it to the shop where they put a new carb on it. It was $65 for the carb and $55 for the labor. That was 3 years ago. I tried cranking it a few months back and it will not start. The Poulan works every time…

    • Interesting…I would have thought the reverse…Admittedly, Stihls can be persnickety..
      Yeah the O2 sensor thinks too much O2 is in the exhaust…intermittently.
      If I keep getting a whirlwind inspection like I did a couple weeks ago, the check engine won’t be a problem.

      • I have a neighbor that has a tree service and runs Stihls. His view is that the Stihl saws like to be run often. If he has a saw that isn’t run during the week he will run a portion of a tank trough it cutting thin slice biscuits till he runs it dry. His wife takes the biscuits where she burns designs in them with a soldering iron.

      • I think that’s likely true with all two stroke power equipment…run often, repair less.
        I have several trees here that need cutting and stacking.
        A mesquite tree fell down by the cow shed. It was already partially fallen, but it dragged down the rest of it. I should yield a lot of mesquite wood..the oak trees will provide much too.

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